Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Day In Pictures

I'd say this pretty much sums it all up in one picture. My day in a nutshell. Poppin lots of green, yellow, purple, red, & orange happy pills + chocolate + dr peppers out the ying-yang.

but then there was the highlight of my early birthday present from my mummy

she made it....ain't it cool?
It's official. I can now join the granny team....I have my country girl granny smock.
ain't it just beeee---U-tiful?

Yeah. I thought so....and this is my beee---U--tiful mom who lovingly handmade all the bias tape around the edges for her only daughter to have a lovely granny smock that she's been wanting for ages......and my crazy dad who is just like me. LOL

The rest of the day went downhill and I didn't take pictures of it. Got stuck on the hwy home for an extra 15 minutes or so because of an accident blocking the road. Finally got past that (it was a tractor trailer belly-up in the ditch...looked really bad) and got home....the church newsletter wouldn't print right....I got grumpy cuz munchkin kept getting in my way when I was trying to figure it out....KC told me to lose my attitude cuz I was 25....which made me grumpier.....and the night ended in much the same way.....URGH.

So basically....except for my lovely early birthday gift, my day was this.

and I savored the very last of the king size Reese's on the way home from church. And needed more. UGH. That's bad. Considering I like that maybe once in a blue moon. *sigh*
I'm going to finish my last Dr. Pepper now and then go to bed. And I seriously hope that tomorrow is better.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Messages (another random edition)

Dear Allergist....
Yikes...why are there such things as 1pm appointments for those of the age of napping. Wouldn't you think it was going to be a fun visit ANYWAYS when you have to poke the poor kid with 24 little needles, without adding the cranky napless factor to the mix??? Whew. I hope you weren't thinking that all those tantrums he was throwing were a result of my (lack of) parenting skills. Not that I care if you think that or not, but just so you know, he had a very good reason for his behavior. And I had a very good reason for putting him to bed 2 hours early tonight. LOL. Like the reason that he was driving me crazy with the cranky factor. LOL.
Happy that he's not allergic to any of the common allergens....

(not so) Dear work,
Ask me if I really want to go in again tomorrow. No, you don't even have to ask. I'll just tell ya. NOOOOOOO.
The human in Office 167 (I think--about the office part that is...not the human part....ROFL)

Dear hubby,
Hmmmmm....can't say that on here., can't say that either....LOL. Okay how bout just a simple, "I love you" and "You're the best" and "I'm so lucky." know. That pretty much sums it up.
Love you forever,
Your Dory

Dear Sheriff,
Never! Yew must CHEWS, Sheriff Woody! HOW shall she die? Shark or death by MONKEYYYYY?
-Evil Doctor Porkchop

Dear car,
Hey...are you happy? I had a few spare minutes this afternoon so I cleaned all those nasty little juice splashes and mud marks off your seats. I even wiped you down with a bit of Armor All after I cleaned you up. WOOHOO. Yay for you! I'd ask you to keep it clean, but I know it's not really your fault. Those two adorable little munchkins that ride back there just can't control their messy natures. Oh well. Just forgive me for not doing it sooner. You did look pretty pathetic before I took care of business. LOL.
Your Neglectful Owner (the other owner isn't quite so neglectful)

Dear Munchkin,
I find it pretty disturbing that when I picked you up from school this afternoon, the first thing you said when you opened the car door was "OOOOH, mommy, you cleaned the car!!!! It's BOOTIFUL!" Couldn't you at least have taken longer than 3 seconds to notice? Then maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about the state we allowed it to reach before it got cleaned. YOW.

Dear K-man,
Actually, I find it pretty impressing that you didn't throw MORE tantrums with everything you had to put up with today. I tried to be understanding, but honestly, if I had been in your shoes, I probably would have been grumpier. So I couldn't really get mad at you. My poor little guy. I'm sorry you had to get all stuck up (with needles that is). But I'm really glad you're not allergic to all those things. And I'm pretty impressed with how fast you recovered. Course, the three pouches of candy, I had the foresight to bring along, probably sped up the process, but you know. Sleep well tonight, buddy. All night, if you please....and quietly, okay? Thanks!

Dear Blogland,
I'm going to bed now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

(SPRING?) Saturday

Heavenly days, the weather was bea-UTIFUL today!
Got all kinds of things done today, but now I'm whooped!

Let's see....cleaned the house (more than just straightening up, I actually washed the MIRRORS in the bathroom, got out a dustcloth and vacuumed with carpet cleaner--among other things...woohoo for me), did about five loads of laundry (AND FOLDED AN PUT AWAY...that's like a major MAJOR accomplishment for me, people!!!), straightened the kids rooms and kept the place picked up after them all day, helped KC paint up the edges of the back porch that needed to be finished, sewed a bag holder for K-mans room, took the kids outside and played ball with them for a little while, baked some cinnabon muffins, made popcorn and lemonade, gave the kids their baths.....all KINDS of fun stuff!

However, "wore out" me did think to take pictures of some of the things that drained all my energy today. Most of the energy drainers were under three feet tall, so I can't post pictures of them on here, but I did post them on my myspace (which is only viewable by friends) so if you're my friend on myspace, go check them out....if you're not my friend, go be my friend on myspace. *GRIN*
Here are the other pictures....the ones I can post here....

Sewed up this little booger to hold plastic bags in K-man's room. It was getting messy just throwing them in the drawer with his diapers. We have to bag his toxic waste. Goodness if that stuff shouldn't be classified as radioactive or something. Anyways, this is perfect.

Close up picture
This is where the tube came from. This pair of his pants was still in excellent shape, but had a very faulty fly. Oh well. I fixed THEM!
I did the munchkin's hair this morning. It turned out really cute! I french braided the sides to the back and then tied them together. She looked cute opposed to slightly ragamuffin-ish as she normally looks when I don't do anything to her hair....LOL!

And then there was the back porch that we painted. Well, technically KC and the guys had already painted the most of it, but we had to go around all the tops and bottoms and sides of some of the railing to get all the places they didn't get with the rollers. It looks done now. YAY for us! And the weather was soooo nice to get it done!

I also fixed popcorn and lemonade and we had a family night. It was great. And the lemonade was SOOOO yummy. It totally hit the spot on a day like today!

one family member that isn't really into getting his picture taken....

and just for fun....hows about some pictures of my fat cat.

This is where he lay most of the afternoon. Lazy bum of a couch potato! HAHA.

well, speaking of lazy bums, i'm going to take my NOT lazy bum to bed now cuz it is TIRED!


Friday, February 22, 2008

My Little Dreamer

7:08am 2.22.08

{munchkin stumbles sleepily into my room where I'm getting ready for work}

"Hi mommy. I had good dreams."
"Really? That's good. What did you dream about?"
"Fish. And whales. It was good."
"That's great, honey. I'm glad you had good dreams."

Ah. She's going to grow up just like me. LOL.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Full House

Tonight we've got a full house. Our friends who adopted Bouncer (they call him Little Man) have him and another girl (Shygirl) and they are going out for a delayed valentines evening, so we're keeping all the kids while they go out.

Shoo....bouncer is still bouncy. But definitely much tamer than he was when he was here. *grin* Our kids are wild with the new ones here...and K-man had a terrible day at school, so he's seriously grumpy tonight. Fun night. *Grin*

Got them watching Toy Story 2 now and things are quiet, so I think I'm gonna go back to Munchkin's room with Shygirl and work on some sewing.


A Lightbulb Just Went Off -- Thoughts on Getting Older

So I'm talking to my friend, Susan, here at work and I am SUDDENLY hit with this BRILLIANT idea.

Yes. It was painful. I'm tellin ya. I'm sure glad I don't get smacked up by them brilliant idea things very often. HAHA.

Anywho, so I have decided that next month, instead of celebrating my 25th birthday, I'm gonna celebrate my FIFTIETH birthday instead. And every year thereafter, I'll just get younger. So by the time I'm fifty, I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday.

And every year I will secretly be happy that I don't look my age. Until, you know, I reach the middle point and I'm celebrating my actual year. ROFL.

Okay. Nuff thinking for one day. I'm going to go do real work now.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Highlight of My Day

K-man walks up to me and tries to give me a nice fat piece of cat poop. I guess I should be thankful he didn't try to eat it. It was bad enough that it was on his pants and foot.....*shudder* Gross me out! The litter box was messed up, so the picky cat (whichever one it was) decided to go NEXT to the box. I guess I should also be thankful that K-man has shown little to no interest in the litter box.....just things that are laying outside it. *shudder again*

Ahh, the gross-ities (and that is my own word, thank you very much) of motherhood.

I have a headache, so I'm going away now. Oh and thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post. Ya'll are so good at hints. *GRIN* Thanks for making my day! LOL! Love you people! I hope ya'll have a wonderful night and stay away from kids bearing gifts of Poo. Cuz that is exactly what I'm going to try to do tonight. *Smiles*


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bloggy Update

Okay...I finally gave in and updated the ol blog. It's not a complete revision, but it is updated just a bit. The pink stuff is from the Strawberry Lemonade free Kit from Jessica Sprague, the brown polkadots are from Rhonna Farrar Free Love (2peas) kit and the previous elements recolored from ScrapWithNikki's Kaitlyn Mini Kit.

It was time. As much as I loved the way the old picture of me looked like I was leaning against the title, that picture was almost, or maybe even over, a year old...LOL. I guess I'll have to bribe someone into taking a more current picture of me leaning against something that I can cut myself out of again....LOL. In the meantime, this will have to work.

Sorry to all you pink haters out there...I know it's girly and all but I like it. And after all...I am kinda a GIRL. LOL.

Anyways, this took up all my posting power for one evening, so you'll have to just pretend this was a deep and thought provoking (or insert other description of your choice) post that made your day....and then you can leave me a lovely comment to thank me and go on your merry way, knowing that you have returned the favor and made MY day. (HAHAHA...don't you LOVE my logic?)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Messages (The Last Minute Edition)

Dear Bedtime,
Wait. Just another minute....I have a few messages to write.
Tired WebSurfer

Dear History,
Why must things change so? As I spent the evening surfing myspace (after one of our social workers informed us that one of our kids birthmothers had a very "interesting" myspace and I checked it out and then kept looking up people on there to see who I could find) I could have cried looking at how people have changed so much....and some not for the better. I feel like I'm in some kind of warp....everything around me is twisted in change and I'm still pretty much the same. Why is that? And why is that so hard for me to accept? I like change. It's not that. Ya know that old sayin: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" --- well, sometimes I think people tried to fix it when it wasn't broken, only now it IS broken and there's no interest in fixing it back. Sad. And I'm not just talking about people. I don't know. I'm just rambling I guess. Sorry, history. I know you really don't care. Just thought I'd tell ya about it anyways.
Wishing I could Turn Back Time

Dear Munchkin,
Know how I was so proud of ya last Message day? Well, I'm still proud of ya, but do you have to keep having these weird days at school where you decide you're going to backtalk to the teachers and hit your brother and do everything else that you're not supposed to do? And then calmly inform me when you get home that you should go to time out? That is not how consequences work around here, little lady. If you're comfortable with it, it's not a good consequence. Kinda like the candy episode last night!?!? That consequence backfired on me. See, when you eat that much candy at one time, you're supposed to get a bellyache. That would have helped you understand that when mommy curbs the candy, she's really doing it for your own good. So why, then, did MOMMY get the bellyache after eating ONE PIECE while you ate the entire valentine assortment and then bounced off the walls without any trouble at all????? Mommy is NOT happy about that. Please do better tomorrow and trust me when I tell you that mommy is NOT going to let you have that much candy at one time'll just have think I'm mean.
Mean Mommy

Dear Job, (that's Jaaahhhb, not joooobe)
Yes, I'm talking about you, my dear work, not the biblical dude on Satan's hit list. I'm not really happy with you these days. And it's not so much the duties you require of it is the people you require me to work with. Yes. I know. I'm Lucy (like in Peanuts) but I can't help it. These people. Are driving. Me. CRAZY. Thank HEAVENS my office is down the hall from where it used to least now I'm SLIGHLY separated from the insanity that is my job.
And don't worry, I'll be more than slightly separated before much longer if all goes well. Rest assured, I'm counting down the days!!!!
Not Loving You Anymore

Dear Sick,
Get OUT already. Leave poor KC alone. And don't come after me and the kids either. You have definitely overstayed your welcome in the Always house. Actually, one minute was too long. And you've been here WAYYYYYY longer than that. I'm sick of being sick. I'm sick of my family being sick. I'm sick of cleaning up sick. I'm sick of medicine. I'm sick of ALL OF IT. SO GET LOST.
VERY sincerely,
HATING YOU (Cuz you're right up there with the devil on the list of things we're allowed to hate)

Dear Blog Readers,
Why didn't someone say you're tired of the song that I had on here for like EVER. I changed b/c my friend had a cool playlist and I wanted to be like her, so I change it and then next thing I know, my own mother comes to me and says something along the lines of "Thank GOODNESS. I was getting downright SICK of that other song. And I liked it before you had it on your blog for so long." ROFL. Thanks, Mom. Why didn't someone tell me that sooner? I do care about what ya'll think ya know. Well, mostly. HAHA. Love you guys! =) Anyways...enjoy the new music. I like it. If you don't, then just go turn it off. I won't get offended...actually, I won't even know it. Especially if you don't tell me. *grin*
Much Love,

Dear Morning,
You are going to come way too soon. I can feel it. *sigh* I guess I should go to sleep before you get here, huh?
Not a Morning Person

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What To Say.

I really don't feel like posting, but since it's been two days and I don't like to get behind, I am going to do it anyways.

Kids stayed with mawmaw and pawpaw last night, so me and KC went to the big town for dinner. It was nice to have some time to ourselves again. We went to the bookstore and each picked out two books as our "valentine's day gifts" to each other. LOL.

My two books were on sewing, so you can probably guess what I did this morning while the kids were gone. LOL. I repaired three pieces of clothing, then started on a project from one of the books. I guess it probably was not wisdom to choose one of the more complicated projects to start with. *sigh* I was pretty much frustrated by the afternoon, especially when i had to stop and go get the kids to go to a birthday party and I knew that would be the end of uninterrupted work and it wasn't even close to being finished. After we got back from the party, I went back at it and was just like, okay, forget nice, forget getting it to fit right, I just want this DONE. I'm going to sew it up and by goodness if I'm not going to wear it....I don't care how it looks. I spent too much time on it to NOT get some good use out of it. ROFL.
So there it is.....and there's me in it....the above picture is more real life....I can exaggerate the mermaid look if I try...HAHA!!!
And speaking of the mermaid look.........................................and me checking out my ba-dunk-a-dunk...
So that's what I did. It doesn't look that bad. It turned out a little bit tight around my ba-dunk-a-dunk but I'll just have to find a shirt that is long enough to camoflage it. LOL. It was definitely an experimental project and I don't think I'll attempt that one again. Well, until I've forgotten the torture of the project...ahaha~! *grin* At least I can laugh at myself now that I'm finished with it. HAHA.
(Edited to add pictures and to say that this project is made from a skirt top--cut off of a long skirt, and then the pants legs off of two pairs of pants, cut up into pieces and sewed back together and then attached to the skirt top--where-in lay the problem of tightness b/c I couldn't get the size right...UGH)

Oh and I did work on laundry during all my day wasn't entirely wasted!! and I have MUCH more practice at sewing straight lines now!!! ROFL!!!!

So K-man is sitting on my lap now....he wants to say something, hang on.....

:[pppp gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggbkiiiihfhdgdvdgyfddn hiib bfmb bvuycjem8 k

okay now he doesn't want to stop. Mommy NEVER lets him do that. ROFL.

I like that he made a kooky smiley face there at the beginning....I'm sure he did that on purpose!!! HAHAH.

Well....I'm going to go now that I've created this monster!!! LOL


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little Less Talk

After court this morning, that song that says something like "a little less talk and a LOT more action" is running through my head every time I think about court, so I decided to use the thought for my post today. Less talk. LOL. We'll see. HAH.

  • Court started at nine. Love that judge. He had pretty much cleared the courtroom by 9:30.....looked like he cleaned out about 50% of the cases to be heard for the day by the time he took the first break at 9:40. Action, baby. ACTION. Get it DONE! It was lovely. Munchkin's case went like clockwork, and she's legally free for adoption now. YAY! The great part was that I was home by 10:30, and that INCLUDED waiting around and chatting with a couple of the workers before I left. WOOOHOO!
  • Got lots done today. Court got me in the ACTION mode and I reorganized all three bedroom closets and have three totes of stuff packed up and about five garbage bags of stuff to go to the thrift store. I'll probably pass the clothing bags through some of the girls at church before I send it to the thrift store though since there's good stuff in there, just stuff I don't wear anymore and I was RUTHLESS when I was weeding out. Action, baby!
  • Cleaned off the top bunk bed, so we now have an available "spot" in case we get a phone call. When I talked to the social worker today, she said that her team has about 8 kids that will be in court to be removed in the next few weeks/months, and they may be calling us. I told her ix-nay on the abies-bay, so we're probably looking at 7-10 age group. By the time they call us, I'll be quitting work anyways (LORD WILLING) and it won't be such a killer to get to all the appointments and schools and laundry an all that lovely stuff. Okay...less words....this bullet is full.
  • Finished KC's valentine right after lunch turned out cute. I should take a picture of it, but the ACTION mode is wearing off a bit and couch potato mode is KICKIN IN -- BIGTIME.
  • My Hubby made his blog public again and wrote me a valentine (all together now: "AWWWW"). (I wrote mine to him OFFLINE, thankyouverymuch).
  • Dawnie called today. That was really sweet....we had a little chat. I was very encouraged by what we talked about. Very cool.
  • Munchkin had a better day today at school. They told me that she went in to her speech therapy and apologized to her teacher first thing for her behavior in the last session that resulted in her speech therapist having to CALL me as a last resort b/c she wouldn't listen at all. And her speech therapist sent along the message through her teachers that Munchkin's session today went MUCH better. YAY!

Okay....less talk. So we'll end there.

Oh and thanks for the comments on my weird dream...LOL!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird Dreams

Okay, this is totally for no one's benefit but my own, but I needed to write this down so I won't forget it later. I'm surprised it's still in my memory since I dreamed it last night, but since it is....

I had a deja'vu (or whatever you call that) dream last night. It was so crazy. Well, I had all kinds of crazy dreams leading up to it, and I had an upset stomach, so maybe that was the trigger, but it was like I woke up and went to the bathroom or something and then came back to bed and fell into this dream. The weird thing was, it was an old nightmare, and I was fully aware that it was a dream, and not only that, but I knew what was going to happen in this dream.

So I go along with it and sure enough, everything proceeds exactly how I know it's going to.

It must have been some kind of war or something b/c me and someone else (not sure who) were running from a killer and we were out in the middle of nowhere, but there was this abandoned building and we ran through the woods and crawled up into this building and the killer came and got the other person (which I knew would happen and I also knew that they were going to come back for me next and I would be taken away and eventually killed and then I'd wake up). So in my dream, I decided since I knew how it was going to end anyways, there wouldn't be any harm in crawling underneath this building since the worst thing that would happen is that I'd be killed a little earlier in the dream, which was weird in itself b/c you know how nightmares usually freak you out even though you know they're not real? Well, this one was like I was totally calm and like...oh sure, let's try it this way instead and it wasn't like I was panicking and trying to figure out what to do or how to survive.

So I crawl through this building, reach the back and crawl out and there's this large building that I climb up on and get up on the second level and kinda inch my way along the ledge until I can find an opening to get in. In the meantime, the killer has spotted me and is trying to climb up where I'm at to get me, but they can't reach me, but something they're doing is messing with the integrity of the structure, so it's making me really unsteady and just as I'm about to lose my balance, whatever they were doing pulls off a piece of the structure and I can see down into this building and I see some kind of concrete pond with water in one end of the building and for some reason I think...oh yeah, in the dream before, thats where they dump the bodies....I wonder how this dream is going to turn out since I changed the scenario a bit......

And then I woke up.

I woke up thinking. Oooh. That was REALLY weird. And all day, I keep thinking....Oooh. That was really weird.

I don't think i've ever had deja'dream before. Not like that anyways...typically when I know I'm in a recurring nightmare, the same things always happen and it freaks me out every time....this one was totally the opposite. It was like I could change the outcome and it didn't worry me.

Probably a deep meaning to that, but I am way too tired to dig into it right now.

Me and my rumbly tummy are going off to bed now. Hopefully to NOT have any more strange dreams. LOL.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing in Photoshop

Frankly, I think KC makes a better ObiWan than I make a Padme. LOL. But it was fun to play anyways.
I needed a little play after all the professional developing that was inflicted on me today.
After the final session (Take This Job and LOVE It --- yeah, well....i'd say what I'm thinking but it wouldn't be very positive or professional I guess).......
So I'll just say....I was ready to go home. HAHA. She was a pretty good speaker, I do have to give her that. She had a quiz to tell how close to burn out you are....I was in full burn. Actually, I think I'm really just a pile of ashes, people....done burst into flames, burned out, and just a heap of ashes left of me. *sigh*
Sooon. VERY soon. Just a matter of months. If this pile of ashes can make it that long without blowing away like dust in the wind. LOL =)
Oh yeah, and did I mention that I forgot to take my medicine this morning that makes me NOT want to kill people????? And I had to go spend the day with all the kooks. WOOHOO. How's THAT for motivating? Are you motivated to get me committed yet? LOL.
Well, I'm really sleepy and tired and I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Hate Sick.

Yesterday, coming home from a birthday party that I took the kids to, K-man hurled....

I hope you're not eating. No, really...if you're eating, you should stop now b/c I plan on describing it in detail so ya'll can completely empathize with my I hope you're not eating.

Cuz he had just ate a cupcake with green icing (it was a john deere birthday party). And that...along with everything else he'd had to eat that day.....was all over him, his coat in his lap, AND puddled in the bottom of the car seat.

It was so bad that when the smell filled the car, I had to immediately roll down all the windows and me and Munchkin were STILL gagging.

Being still a good five to eight minutes from home, AND not knowing how much of the hurl was back there, I pulled over and got out. I gingerly unbuckled the K-man and lifted him out, stripped him down to his diaper (which got green hurl all over him, from his legs all the way up in his hair) and then tried to wipe him off with the few diaper wipes I had with me. Being that it wasn't that warm outside, and the wipes were cold, he wasn't real happy about that, so I thought...forget this, let's just get home. So I got home and handed him off to KC to take inside, finish stripping, and dump in the tub, while I pulled the hurl filled carseat out of the car and proceed to use the hose on it and the clothes.

Oh, it was discusting. And after I finished cleaning the car mess and came in and gave him a bath, washed my hands and changed clothes....I could STILL smell it.

I'm not sure if it was doing puke duty that made me nauseous or if I've just got a virus, but after all that last night, I was queasy the rest of the evening and started getting achy despite taking some Aleve. Today, I woke up, still achy, and my stomach has been churning and I've been just yucky feeling all day.

I hate that.

On the bright side, I did work on the pictures I took on Friday while I was having all the couch time today. On the dark side, it took me all day to get them done because I was also having to take care of kids and feeling sick and napping. It was probably about an hour and half or so editing job. LOL. Anyways, it was a fun session.

Well, I think that is about it for today. I'm going to take my rolling stomach off to bed now. I've gone to bed early every night this weekend, so hopefully that will do some good on "sick and achy."

Or at least make me less grumpy. Sheesh.

PS Random Munchkin quote:

(overheard from Munchkin who was riding on K-man's little dumptruck through the kitchen and stopped---apparently at a drive thru) "I want chicken nuggets and fries (short pause) and that's it (longer pause) HANK you!"

The part that struck me funny??? "and that's it" We always say that when we're ordering at a drive through....she sure picks up on the strangest things.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pictures (Ladies Night Out and Sam)

Meet my new dog. I'm gonna call him Sam. Sam THE dog. He fits perfectly in the angle between the dash and the perfectly in fact, that he doesn't move more than a fraction of an inch while I'm driving. And for the record....the look on his face? That's not a general look of passengers in my car....just the ones who ride backwards on the dash. night out...........snort, snort!!! ROFL.
These masks were in a kids book that K bought for Vi's party and me and R decided to have a little fun ourselves. LOL.
Oh and yes, there were a few ladies with us......
Ladies who almost broke the camera with that drop dead "DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE" look. LoL. Don't worry, the camera survived....looks can't kill. =) *GRIN* was a backwards night out....we did everything backwards to how we normally do first and eating last. It was great.

And then today everything at work just BLOWS UP.

Joy. Welcome to my life.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: KC-WAN

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Super? Nah. Fat? Not really. Just Tuesday.

I'm not really following all that election stuff....I know enough to make me dangerous, that's about it.

And the whole...what is it...Mardi Gras? or whatever thing? Nah, not really into that either.

And one thing I'm REALLY not into....people using the last bit of toilet paper and not putting more in the bathroom, making a person have to put down the laptop and....ahem....make a run for the supply cabinet down the hall. Just SAYIN.

So what AM I into? Oh, I don't know. Not much of anything. Just reading my friends blogs and putting the kids to bed and all that stuff. And Dr. Pepper.

I finally caved on Monday (yesterday) and brought a two liter ($.99) out of the back of the car (it was destined for the house, but it didn't quite make it) in to work at lunch. And while I was out to lunch, I got a cup of ice. So now I just take ice....which is free....and I've drank the last two days on that $.99 bottle of tha pepper and I should be able to get at least one more day, if not two, out of that bottle. That saves me....oh I don't know how much. Let's see....I was buying at least 2 cans out of the machine at .65 per can plus 1.29 for a drink at lunch. I don't feel like doing math right now. Anyways. I feel good. About not doing math AND about saving money on tha pepper. Ahhhhhh.

Let's see, what else? Oh, last night us girls got together for supper and let the kids play over at KR's again. Us girls worked on bloggy stuff (well, it ended up being me and K since D had to leave early, but we coerced D into leaving her bloggy info with us so that we could get into her account after she left). Me and K had a blast picking out new stuff for her blog (D) and redecorating it. It made me kinda itchy to do mine again. What is it about seeing redecorated blogs that gives you a craving to ditch your perfectly good design for a new one....even when you are still happy with the old one???? Ugh. I hate that. So now I'm contemplating some new design-y stuff. Sometime. The good news is that I've done it enough now, that I'm getting pretty quick at it....pick a couple of papers and elements and a few clicks and it's up on the blog. Sweet.

Hold please, while I grab another sip of Dr. Pepper. Ahhhhh. Not that you missed me, but I'm back now and that was yummy.


I really envy folks whose blog entries are well thought out and extremely understandable....half the time I don't even understand my ramblings.

Speaking of things I don't understand...I had a REALLY strange dream this morning. I have no idea now what it was except that I woke up thinking...."Wow. That was different." I should have wrote it down when I woke up.

And on the waking up....I hear something from the back of the house...I better go check. Yeah, that was the K-man. He rolled over. He is so fussy. He can't roll over without crying. It's only 10:52....he's been in bed for almost 2 hours. This does not bode well for our night. Good thing it's KC's night. LOL!!!

Well, I guess there's always more that could be said, but I want to go ahead and get off here so I can go through some of my clothes. S&N have a new one now (Shygirl) who is 12 and not too much smaller than me, so I'm going to go see if I have any skirts that will fit her. N said she doesn't have much to wear to church, and of course, they wouldn't *make* her wear skirts, she could wear pants if she wanted, I'm sure, but that's a tough age and I'm sure she'll feel less like an outsider if she has some skirts for church. Bless her heart, her case was in court the day I was there for K-man and I heard a lot of the goings on.....and then when we spent a little time with S&N (and family) on Sunday evening, I found out she had gotten new braces and the bubblegum apparatus in the roof of her mouth on Thursday...the same day the court decided to take her away from her current living situation and move her to a new family. So not only is she dealing with the new situation, but I'm sure her mouth was probably giving her fits, too. Poor child. She does seem like a sweet girl. She will do good with S&N, I think. But I do feel bad for her past. It's sad. It makes me want to reach out to the older foster kids a little more. But not right hands are full right now. LOL.

Like I said...I'm getting off now to see what is in my closet.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Messages: "They're Back" edition

Dear Lungs of Faith,
What is up with you? As much hot air as you expel on a daily basis, you would THINK you had a huge capacity to contain your oxygen. Why then can you not seem to give Faith as much air as she needs? She would really like you to do better on this. Would a daily walk make you feel better? Do you want her to exercise? Is that what this is about? Cuz I'm just tellin ya, that's not too likely to happen. Don't hold your breath on that one. No REALLY. DON'T hold your breath!
Desperately Seeking A Teeny Bit More Oxygen

Dear Munchkin,
I love you. You have been so great lately. *insert knock on wood* It is so easy to love you when you're this sweet. It also makes it easier to love you when you're not being so sweet b/c you've banked up on the sweetness factor. I love that your sweetness balance is not in the red these days b/c it really helps me not SEE red every time you have a little fit. It's taken us a long time, but I'm glad to see some progress in your behaviors. Please don't go back to being the little meanie again, okay? I like you much better like this. PS You're really funny these days, too. And just so you know, that really helps your case when mommy is *trying* to be *mad* at you b/c it's really hard for mommy to be mad when she's desperately trying not to laugh.
Love you sweetie,

Dear K-man,
I have *faith* that we're going to get through YOUR meanie stage b/c I'm finally seeing improvement with your sister. That means there has to be hope for you, too. This is good. Very good. But please. Please. If you want more drink, say "more." I know you can say that and I know YOU know you can say that. It is really bugging me that you forcefully THROW your empty drink at who/whatever is in range (mommy, the floor, your sister, the toys...) when you get mad b/c your drink is empty. That is NOT how you ask for a refill. Thank you very much.
Bruised and Irritated
(but I still love you)

Dear Social Services,
Ya'll need to get your act together. You are seriously disappointing me. I was so impressed for the longest time b/c your services in this county seem to be so much more "foster parent user-friendly" than the services that I read/hear about in other counties/states. However. That's very rapidly becoming NOT the case. Come on now. Take care of business...and don't leave your foster parents hanging out to dry.
Concerned Foster Parent

Dear Sewing Machine (sitting in my garage),
I am SO sorry that you are being pitifully neglected. My pile of projects is screaming my name and I REALLY want to get back to you, but I fear it's going to have to wait a few more weeks anyways. Please forgive me.
Missing you,
Your owner

To Whom It May Concern,
Do you think it would be possible to invent self laundering clothes? My never ending laundry pile would thank you. Oh, and if you can't invent self laundering clothes, how about clothes baskets that automatically fold the contents? That would be just as helpful, if not even better!!! *GRIN*
Sick Of Dirty and Unfolded Clothes

Dear New Electric Fireplace,
You are soo cool, no, make that WARM. I'm in love. You are beautiful and so cozy feeling in our living room and i love the homey feeling you add to the place. I hope you will stay forever.
A wife with a genius hubby whose brilliant idea brought the fireplace to our home

Dear Bedtime,
I don't know what to do with you. When I allow you to be later for the kids, it works out great for us having a life after 7pm, but makes it torture for me to wake them up in the mornings for school. It's bad enough that "I" can't drag myself out of bed after staying up late the night before, but when they are also groggy and won't wake up, it is incredibly hard to get all of us out of the house before 7:45. That's bad. Especially when I *should* be leaving the house at 7:15. I'm so stuck either way I go. I hope this problem gets better once I'm able to stay home with the kids.
Stumped Mommy

Dear Dr. Pepper,
I adore you. I should not. But I do. And I shall never be able to give you up forever. I keep coming back. AHHHHHH. You are simply an addiction that I cannot break. *sigh*

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Winner of the Surprise Giveaway!!!!

Christy said...
Surprises are awesome. Please enter my name.

Congratulations, Christy and thanks everyone for playing!!! If I don't hear back from the winner, I will contact the second number the random # generator pulled (which is 142...I haven't even counted to see who that is).

Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Funny


This is SO me!!!!! I LOVE garfield!

(click on it to view larger)