Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Very Quick Update & The 2007 Christmas Letter

I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D!!!!!!!!

Surprise: Biltmore House --- it is HUGE....massive.....very cool tour.....and I'm still sore from all the walking.....I did not wear the right shoes. But LOVE my sweet hubby!!!!! The candlelit christmas tour and I picked Texas Roadhouse for our dinner. (Yes I know, not exactly fancy grub, but I liked it)

Kids: Survived without us but seemed really excited to see us when we got back.

Anniversary: SWEET! ;-)

Mawmaw and Pawpaw: Called right after lunch today to find out when we could get back to pick up the kids. I think they (NOT THE KIDS) might have been just a little bit sleep-deprived and worn out. *ROFL*

Shopping: Did lots.

Tonight: Stayed up extreeeeeeemly late to get busy on the wrapping (of which we have an OVER abundance of items that need to be wrapped) and now my back is killing me from all the shopping, all the walking through gigantic houses, all the standing up to finish the christmas projects that have been sitting on my counter for weeks.....then wrapping till all hours.

And what am I doing here at 1am????? Updating the blog....which feels terribly neglected these last few days before christmas.

Oh yeah, in case I forgot: Court: Munchkin's case was continued until January b/c the "assumed biological father" has not had thirty full days to respond to DSS about his "presumed child" whom he has never seen in his life and claims that she isn't his. Why, I ask, are we even BOTHERING? URHG. Yes, I know. B/c it's the rules. Dumb rules.

Random Munchkin conversation:
Mom: What does green light mean?
Munchkin: GO!
Mom: What does red light mean?
Munchkin: STOP!
Mom: What does yellow light mean?
Munchkin: Go FASTTTTT!!!!!!



The 2007 Annual Christmas Letter
So, if you're here b/c you got a Christmas card from us and this is your first time visiting....welcome. I don't really know what to tell you except to consider yourself warned: KC's got a crazy wife and this place (while it does keep anyone interested up to date --mostly-- on life at our house) contains much evidence of her insanity.

This blog started out as "Random Insanity" and for the most part, was just an online journal (or brain dump, perhaps) and a place for me to write. After awhile, I started realizing that people I knew in real life were picking up on it and then b/c I didn't know who was reading and who wasn't, an average conversation about anything going on in our life, would begin like this: "Okay before I tell you this, do you read my blog? Cuz if you do, then you have probably already heard this." *smiles*

These days it's the best way to keep up, since we are insanely busy and hardly have time to catch up with anyone anymore. I changed the name to Always Faith a little while after we started foster care since it became a little less of random insanity, but still it's Always Faith and a lot about the family.

Occasionally it still ends up being a brain dump (okay, maybe more than occasionally) but you can consider yourself warned.

So if you're here from the Christmas Card, welcome. I'd like to direct you to a few links and after that, explore where you will.....but only if you want....or dare....or something like that.

Just remember, I know I'm nuts, so you don't have to worry about finding a way to tell me. LOL. Love ya'll!!! And Happy Holidays!!!!!

Statement of Intent
2. Content Disclaimer
3. A little explanation on the reasons behind the fact that we were just two last year and now we're a family of four and not only that, but the younglings are 2 and 3.5.

For more on #3, you can go down the sidebar to the Infamous Insanity section and read the last handful of links on the arrivals of the younglings.

PS My email is over in the sidebar as well, so please feel free to let us know you were here and update us on your lives as well. Seems like we only see some of you guys at weddings or funerals, so we'd welcome the chance to stay caught up with you outside of those two occasions.

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