Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Ugh. I hate it! Seems like I'm always waiting on some-THING or some-ONE. It drives me be-zonkers!

Take right now for instance:
- I'm waiting on a response for a graphic to use for a promo that I'm working on here at work today.
- I'm waiting on a response to an email regarding a change to a pledge that we need to work out.
- I'm waiting on the co-worker next door to get back from lunch so I can ask him some questions and give him some information regarding several projects that are currently laying on my desk.
- I'm waiting on the print shop to finish my last work order (oh wait, I think they may have called to say that was ready....I should go check....hang on......k. I'm back. Yep....they were waiting on me to come pick it up....OOPS. LOL)

*Update: no longer waiting on print shop or co-worker*

So where was I? Oh yes....waiting.....

- On return email from DSS regarding status of MIL's Be A Friend request so that they can have the wonderful opportunity to keep Punkin from time to time and give KC and I a break.
- To see how far BioM's efforts to get her act together will go.
- To find out how long we're going to get to keep Punkin.
- For Thursday to get here cuz I'm taking a personal day and sending Punkin to daycare. And MAYBE.....JUST MAYBE.....I might actually get something done. Cuz, you know, there's lot's to do. And you know.....there's not much time in the evenings to do much when the munchkin is hanging on your leg. Or spilling drink on your new laptop keyboard. (LOL....it was just a couple drops, but I shamefacedly admit to flipping out just a teeny bit....I was working and she was trying to lean around the screen to see and dropped her drink on the keyboard....and it was one of the slightly leaky sippie cups, so it flung a few drops out when it fell) Lord, love her. I gave up working at that point and lifted her up next to me and put one of the kid movies in my laptop and sat and watched it with her. And she was content for the rest of the evening. Sometimes she just wants to be held....it's just hard to get anything done while holding her. Well, you do get lots of body building done while holding her.....my arms are no longer like spaghetti after holding her for long periods of time now.....
Ooops. Got a little off track there....sorry for the ramble.

What else is on my waiting list? Ummmm.

- Waiting on some return emails for the church newsletter. (Which, pardon my momentary ramble here, is really making me crazy about now)
- Waiting on 5:00 cuz I'm really tired and ready to go home....not that I get a break when I go home...LOL
- Waiting on slow traffic, computers, answers, appointments, you name it.........with all the practice we get in being patient, I'd just like to know why I don't have more of it (patience, that is)!!


Guess I can't complain though....I really don't have anything to complain about. Things could always be worse. And I'd prefer they not be, so I'll quit griping now.

Whoa. I just erased the last three attempts to start a new topic b/c they all came too close to being more complaints. LOL. That's pretty sad.


My Monday was just another average Monday. The BioM visit didn't happen yesterday. Apparently she called the SW early and said she couldn't make it. Apparently she also cancelled a home visit that was scheduled last week, too. SW isn't sure what is going on since BioM is still doing the classes, so I guess we'll....(yep, you guessed it)...WAIT and see. (LOL)

Munchkin was super grumpy this morning. She must have just really gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Nothing was any different from any other morning, but for some reason she was just whiny. Then when I was getting ready to go, I got out a pack of muffins to take with me to work and she wanted some. The thing is, she doesn't like them. The last time I gave them to her, she took a bite and was like ew. Which is no biggie to me....but they're good to me, so I'll just eat them. SO this morning, I tell her that she doesn't like those, but I'll get her a pack of the stuff she likes and she immediately bursts into the whiny crying. I'm like, COME ON! I hand her the pack of her smileys and she just says NOOOO.....and shoves them away and keeps crying. ARGH. Fine. So I just finish what I'm doing, load my stuff in the car, and then load her in the car and buckle her up and shut her door. Walk around and get in the car and drive down the road before she ever stops crying. Good grief. She never did stop pouting....I left her at school and she was still wearing the grouchy face. *sigh* Oh well. Guess she was just having a bad day. Can't say that I don't feel the same way sometimes.

Other than that episode, she's been doing pretty good. KC, Munchkin, and I went thrift store shopping down in Gastonia on Saturday morning (they have some awesome thrifts down near the big city) and I found a good handful of cute jumpers for the munchkin, a couple of cute shirts for me, some nice clothes for KC (he actually found a brand new pair of jeans that still had the tags on them....Target had clearanced them and dumped the leftovers at the Goodwill....woohoo), and a pair of blade runner rollerblades for munchkin. The rollerblades were my top find.....they didn't even look like they had been worn once....no scratches, no scuffs, no dirt, nothing. And they are only a teeny bit big on munchkin. AND....not only that, but they were only THREE dollars. She was so psyched about those skates. That's all she wanted to do all afternoon. "Wear my boots? Boots? Wear my boots?" LOL.

So Sunday, we had one of the all day things at the church (Service at 10 and 1:30, carry-in dinner between services, and choir practice after the afternoon service from 3-4:30) so I took the skates and some play clothes for her since there is usually an hour or so of time to kill between lunch and the second service. She totally impressed me. As far as I know, she's never been on skates before. I put them on her in the carpeted fellowship hall (so if she fell, she wouldn't get too hurt, and also the carpet keeps the wheels from getting too out of control) and she wasn't able to even stand up....I was literally keeping her on her feet. I'm thinking....uh, maybe this isn't going to work....good thing they were only three dollars! So we all sat down to eat and she wanted to keep her boots on, so I left them on her and got her to eat a couple of bites, then she wanted down. So I set her on her feet holding the table next to me while I ate. She stood there and wobbled around a bit trying to keep her feet under her, then she got a little braver and started moving down the table a bit. Then she was taking steps from chair to chair. By the time I finished eating, she was walking in them without holding on to anything. And she was soo excited. "LOOK, MOMMY! LOOK!" Now, she wasn't quite pushing and gliding on them, but she was definitely maintaining her balance and rolling just a little as she walked. Which, to me, is a major feat for a barely three year old who only recently started maneuvering the stairs without sitting on her rear to get down or on her hands and knees to get up b/c she couldn't quite keep her balance.

Unfortunately, at home we have hardwood floors. Not quite as ideal as carpet for beginning skaters. When I was growing up, I learned to skate on the carpet and once I had the hang of that, my brother and I moved the dining room table into the living room and used the linoleum for our practice rink. Ahhh....good times. I guess I could block off the door to munchkin's room and let her wear her skates in her room on the carpet. Or I could let her learn the hard way that she needs to stay on the carpet until she has a bit of experience. LOL. Although I'm not sure I really want her skating on our hardwoods. I would prefer they not look like a skating rink, since they are real hardwood floors.

Blah blah blah. Guess I've dithered enough time on here for one day. Off to see if anything I'm waiting on has come through yet.

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  1. I hate waiting. I am not a patient person... well, that is not true. I CAN be patient at times, just depends. I don't like waiting and doing nothing. That drives me crazy - like you can't do anything 'til somebody gets there, or something happens. I suppose you are waiting for me to stop complaining on YOUR blog now! LOL!!


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