Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's Forecast

As seen on a church sign this morning:

My personal forecast for today:
Sonshine today with a few clouds expected. Possibly some short thunderstorms later this evening clearing up around 9:30.

As I was driving I got to thinking (yeah I know, that's about as dangerous as me reading while I'm driving...LOL)....anyways, so I was thinking about how cloudy days are best for photography b/c it shows a more balanced and even subject as it diffuses the strong light and shadows created by the sun. And if you think about it, if the clouds are the trials or rough moments in your day, they diffuse the light of the son (which could almost be a bad thing) but if someone was taking a portrait of your life, they would get the best picture on a day that had clouds b/c it would show a more balanced and true image. And even the rainy days are beautiful in their own way. I don't know. Just some random thoughts. I suppose whoever put up that church sign would be glad to know it is provoking thought processes in random folks who happen by.

So I had some REALLY weird dreams last night. I mean like, STRANGE. I haven't had a whole lot of dreams that I have remembered enough to talk about lately, but last night. EESH. I don't remember all, but there are fragments of a couple of dreams that stuck with me.

In one little fragment I remember holding up my cell phone and discovering that it was a cell phone with an eyelash curler built into it and I was so psyched b/c I'd had it for awhile and never realized it. Must have been b/c I went into the verizon store yesterday with KC when he was inquiring about the cost of a new phone. LOL. Although I'm not sure where the eyelash curler part came from. ROFL!

Then the other dream was grossly weird. Like I said fragments. I and some other people were in my grandma's old front yard where I grew up at.....there were puppies running around the yard....one of my friends picked up this piece of puppy poo and broke it open and there was a gross little worm inside it and she said yep, they have worms......i looked around the yard and see lots of poo that is squirmy.....i'm really discusted at this point. Scene changes....I'm in some sort of room giving birth to pit bull puppies for a girl at work (like I'm some sort of surrogate mom) and after about 7 puppies are born, I realize that there are worms coming out with them and I'm super discusted....there were eight puppies in all.....the girl at work who raises puppies takes me to her vet to find out why I'm giving birth to puppies and worms.....the vet has no clue and I'm trying to figure out why I'm seeing a vet in the first place since I'm not a dog.....I guess somehow everything must have worked out okay b/c next thing I remember is being fine and being with the puppies and the girl at work being ecstatic over having 8 puppies b/c they were the really expensive kind (worth 2000 each) and she tried to give me one as payment for having them, but I didn't want a pit bull even though they were cute as puppies, so I told her she could sell them and then just give me the profit from one of them.

Okay....so yeah. REALLY weird. And gross. And I have no clue what all that was about. Yuck. I remember sort of waking up a little and thinking....ew this has to be a dream! Oh well. I'm really glad it was a dream. I don't really want to think about the logistics involved in the process of getting 8 puppies inside me, much less HAVING 8 puppies and ones with worms, no less. EW! I'll laugh about this later....at this point I'm still too grossed out.

So yesterday I feel like I didn't get anything done although I barely sat down to breathe even once. I did oodles of laundry. I washed up all those old clothes from the munchkin's first home (if you can call it a home), folded them, and packed them in bags to donate to the consignment shop for foster parents in town, then loaded them in the car and headed off to meet KC for lunch (just for the fun of it, since I was off). Ate lunch with him, ran some errands, headed back toward our town and went by the consignment shop.......it was closed. Go figure. SO I go back home and unload the clothes back into the garage. Then I did the other laundry and tidied up the house stuff. Paid the bills, spot mopped the sticky spots on the floor, washed the bath rugs and shower curtains, put away the few things I bought at walmart (like the new "over the door" shoe hanger for the munchkin's room) and then reorganized all her stuff so it's not such a crazy mess, cleaned up that play stove and put it away, re hung the shower curtains, watered the flowers......etc. By that time, it was getting close to time to pick her up from school.....so I still didn't get any scrapping done (although I was able to get pictures printed, so now I have them ready to put in her book....that's SOME progress I guess).

Then, as you already saw from my previous vent....errr....post, we went to the friends' boys' ball game and then back home to get the munchkin in bed.

And today it's back at work. Ahhhhh. When's my next day "off"?????

Oh yeah, and I don't know how it happened, but somehow I've gotten back hooked on the Doctor Pepper! Hey......what can I say? I'm a pepper for life! *sigh* It just tastes sooooo good.......

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