Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thrifty? (not hardly!)

So my most darling hubby emails me at work today after looking at our bank statement. Take a little guess at how much we spent in thrift stores this month? LOL. No really.

Okay....give up yet? A hundred and SEVENTY FIVE dollars! yowza! Oops. So just think about this for a second. I thought about it and I have decided we should probably have a yardsale sometime soon. Because really. A hundred and seventy five dollars buys a LOT of STUFF in a thrift store. Stuff that is now in our house. Which means that we should get rid of stuff in our house that we don't use anymore. So that we'll have more money to go spend in thrift stores.....LOL. I'm seeing a vicious cycle here. Haha.

Oh and six hundred in gas and the month isn't over yet. OUCH! We drive a lot. The pathetic thing is that we haven't even been out of town this month....I mean like on vacation or anything like that. Yeah.....I'm thinking I don't really like it when KC uses his amazing Excel skills on things like our eh eh. =)

So it seems like I thought of all kinds of things that I wanted to blog about earlier today, but they seem to have done what all blog topics do when I finally get a chance to get on here.....DISAPPEAR. But let me tell you about this great shirt I found at the thrift store today. ROFL! Okay maybe I'll save that for another post since I have already ruined that subject for this post. Hahaha!

Oh, it was suggested to me that I design the cover art of the new compilation cd of live music recorded at work that we produce every year. Have I mentioned this already? It seems like I might have, so I'll skip the rest of the explanation and go straight into the part where I say that I'm actually coming up with a few ideas and have started sketching them down and running them by the staff to understand which direction I need to start in.....and I think we've found a direction. WOoHoo! Now we'll see if I can pull it off. I'll keep ya posted (in case you care). =)

So we are now entering the "munchkin doesn't want to stay in her bed when she's supposed to be sleeping" phase. Tonight we did the rocking to sleep routine as usual and on time and all that stuff....everything went just fine. She fell asleep, I carried her to her bed.....and as I'm laying her down, I look at her eyes and she shuts them really fast cuz I caught her looking. OH POO. Not good. So I go ahead and lay her down (cuz I'm stubborn enough not to take her back to the rocker once I've gotten her to the bed part) and then kneel down next to the bed with my hand on her back. Usually if she does wake up in moving, if I do that, she'll go right back to sleep. Oh no....not tonight. She's quiet for a bit so I remove my hand and wait to see if she's really sleeping. Nope. She waits a minute and then rolls her head around to see if I'm still in there. Of course I am, so I put my hand on her head and roll her head back on straight and sit there a little while.....and the process repeats. Several times. Finally I just slip out. Fine....until the next time she rolls her head around and realizes I'm not there anymore. Then the wahh-ing starts. *sigh* And then there's a pause while she listens to see if I'm rushing to comfort her. Of course I'm not. I'm sitting here blogging. And we all know that's much more important. (HAHA....JUST KIDDING). Anyways, I'm not rushing to comfort b/c she's playing me and I'm fully aware of it and I can be more stubborn than she can. Thank you very much. So the cry...pause.....cry.....pause.....thing goes on for a few minutes. Then I hear the cry and it's getting closer. Uh huh. I know what's coming next. This terribly sad little girl comes boohooing into the living room dragging her teddy by one arm. Classic scene, that. Am I sympathetic? You better believe I'm not. I lift her up under the arms and carry her and teddy-o back to bed, lay her gently in bed, tuck the covers back around her, and calmly leave the room, returning to my blogging. Oh and as I'm laying her back in bed the boohooing is worse than ever. I never said a word, just carried her in and tucked her back in and left. She did about two more rounds of the cry....pause....cry....thing (during which I had to stop KC from going in there and getting her and rocking her again b/c that would totally let her win) and then it's been silent for about 20 minutes now. I'm guessing she's gone by now since it's been quiet this long. And even if she's not? Well....I'm not going to go find out.....I'm going to pretend like I'm blissfully ignorant. Oh wait....the blissfully ignorant part isn't pretending. Haha. *sigh* Poor child. I feel so bad for her....I never let her win any of the important battles. It's such a rough life being a kid in our house. She's got more toys than she knows what to do with, gets more food in a day than she's probably gotten in a week, and has so many clothes that she's got two different wardrobes. One for good stuff and one for play clothes. And she's about spoiled rotten between the two of us (except when we don't let her win battles in an attempt to keep her from being discustingly rotten) and then let's not talk about the grandparents spoiling her. Yeah. We won't go there. LOL. (Love you guys! Heehe)

So I guess I could go get one of those journal topic things and write about one of those. I should probably start doing one in each post. Or maybe I should do a separate post for those. Probably should do that.....that way if I ever need to go back and find one for a scrapbook page, they'll be easier to locate. But the question is, do I want to start one of those tonight? Hmm. Maybe I'll go find an easy one.

In the meantime, I can't think of anything else that I had on my mind from today, so I guess I'll get moving here. Okay, so in all honesty, I CAN think of other things that were on my mind today, I'm just not feeling like posting them on here....or at least not on the public blog. And at this point I'm starting to get tired, so I probably won't get around to posting on the private blog tonight. Actually, I'll be doing good if I get to that journal jar topic thing-a-ma-jig.

So I'm going now because I'm just blathering and I heard a thump down the hall that I should probably go check out. Fingers crossed that it was one of the cats, cuz I'm ready to be done with the battle of the beds for tonight.

*big cheesing smiley face here while holding up two fingers in a V* (and you know what that stands for, right? NO, NOT PEACE....the OTHER thing)


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