Thursday, May 24, 2007

Journal Jar #1 - If You Were A Tree....

If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

So my first thought was: ohh....let's start by "googling" types of trees and seeing what each of the trees does and so on.....

I clicked on this one and started doing a little reading.

I learned from this page that there is no way I could be a redbud, since "It is a graceful and small tree" and you know I don't fit that. And after looking at each of the specimen trees (which create increased interest and beauty in your yard), I unfortunately don't think I could be anywhere in that category.

Next pick would be the Fruit Trees category b/c who wouldn't want to be described as "bringing more than just beauty to your landscape -- you'll be able to harvest a sweet crop of home-grown fruit, too." I'd like to think of myself as useful and sweet. Beauty would be nice, but I try to be realistic. And from what I'm reading so far ("Sweet, ripe fruit can attract yellow jackets and other critters.") this could very well be my spot if I were a tree. (ROFL!) Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any particular tree that could be a match for me.

So back to google. Okay....from the arbor day website....I think I'm going to choose this one since I don't really think any of the fruit trees fit.

Willow, Pussy
Salix caprea
The pussy willow has long been admired for its strong, spreading, upright stems, colorful autumn leaves, and the purplish-brown catkins that appear in March.

I chose this one b/c I have always liked the little pussy willows. They're generally straight up and down, just like me, and they're March babies. Just like me. Ah yes, and from time to time, I'm a little pussy cat. Which means (and I just googled that term as well to make sure there wasn't some terrible slang meaning to that phrase and in case you wondered, here's what I found) "Informal. One who is regarded as easygoing, mild-mannered, or amiable."

Yeah. I think it fits me. Oh and in one place it said pussy willows have long glossy brown hair. That could occasionally be a description of my legs. ROFL! JUST KIDDING! (mostly....HAHA!)

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  1. Well. I feel so very educated! Hmmm... I think if I were a tree I would have to be a Coconut tree. I feel quite nutty most of the time!


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