Sunday, May 06, 2007

In The Mood...

...for ice cream. Maybe I'm like strange or something, but I am not an ice cream fan. You can ask KC....I eat it like maybe several times a year. Unlike....KC for instance....who eats it several times a.....week. ROFL! So we buy like pints of ice cream when they're on sale, and by the time they are emptied, I've had maybe one bowl.

HOWEVER.....for the last three days in a row, I have eaten a bowl of ice cream while surfing the web before bed. And...I actually finished the carton and I don't think KC has had more than one bowl of it. *wincing*'s okay though. I'm working on getting that fifteen pounds back. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's totally rockin' ice cream. Ya'll should try it. It's Edy's Loaded (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough). Man, it is SO good. It's my favorite....vanilla ice cream with cookie dough chunks...and not only that, but it's also loaded with lots of teeny chocolate chips. Oh my heavens, but it is yummy! I'm eating it between sentences.

Anywho, one thing I've NOT been in the mood for, is blogging. I don't know why. Just haven't had anything to say whenever I've gotten on the internet. *sigh* It's terribly frustrating, let me tell ya.....cuz I have this incredible urge to blog at the most inopportune when we were singing in the choir in church this morning. Don't know why....I didn't really have anything to say, I just had a terrible urge to get online and blather on my blog. Kinda like I'm doing now.

And laundry. Yuck. I'm about sick of laundry. There are two loads waiting to be folded and do I feel like it? NOPE!

Which reminds me...I almost forgot. I spent a good 20 minutes on Saturday afternoon attempting to scrub the grass stains out of the knees of my favorite skirt. Oh, not to mention the 45 minutes and extra water of running it through the washer twice b/c the first time didn't get it all out. Why, you may ask? Well. You remember my other name, right? Yeah.

Let me see if I can describe this for you....brilliant me decided to take the shortcut down the hill through the grass instead of taking the sidewalk to the parking lot when I left work on Friday. Brilliant me also has a gargantuan tote on her shoulder, a bag in each hand, a water bottle hooked over one finger, and keys over another.....well....let's just say I was fully loaded. And some brilliant person (NOT) left large holes in the side of previously mentioned hill when removing old trees from the landscape several years earlier. Now you would think that a smart person would fill in the holes left from the removed tree instead of letting the grass grow over them. You would also think that a smart person would have skipped the shortcut and stayed on the sidewalk. Not only that, but you would think that after several years of working at this place and being familiar with each hole (thanks to many successful attempts at taking said shortcut) that one such brilliant person (me) would not actually be vulnerable to said holes. Well. If you thought any such thing, that would make you wrong. So go ahead. Picture it. Brilliant me with my hands all occupied doing the whole kneeboarding thing (minus the kneeboard, but complete with my roll and tumble at the end b/c I never was quite successful at...ya know....the whole kneeboarding thing) down the grassy hill. Down the WET, grassy hill. In my favorite skirt. To top it all off, the split second before I fell, here's what was going through my mind: Watch out for the hole. The last thing I feel like right now is falling on my face....that would be just love--......NOOOOO......THE HOLE!!!!!

Dear Jesus, since you didn't make me graceful, thank you for letting the latest evidence of that happen on Friday at the end of the day when there was almost no one on campus to witness my humiliation. It would have been really embarrassing to have done that when the parking lot was full and students and co-workers were everywhere. So thanks. Amen.

Ugh. So yeah. Just call me "Grace" or "Brilliant Me" will work, too. LOL. *sigh*

Why does it always happen to me? Well....I guess I can't say it always happens to me....the other half of the time it's happening to my mother-in-law. I'm not sure how it happened b/c the klutz thing is definitely inherited from my mother-in-law....maybe KC and I were switched at wait....that can't really happen when there is seven years between you, can it??? LOL.

Anyways, it could be worse. At least I haven't gone to the bathroom in church and then returned to my seat at the very front of the church with my dress tucked in my "boom-booms." *KNOCKING ON WOOD* I'm not saying I know anyone who might have done that, and I won't mention any names........ROFL!!! But my mother-in-law.....well, she could write a book of her moments....all as good or better than the one I just mentioned. BWAHAHA.....but on the bright side....I've got a long way to go before I get THAT good at the "Grace" thing. I'm in the mood for sleep. =) It's been a long weekend. And KC is trying to pay me back I think.....this is like the first night I've been awake after 9:30. Every night I'll rock the munchkin and make myself sleepy, so when I go lay her down, I come back in the living room, check my mail, and then curl up on the recliner next to KC and fall asleep while he surfs the internet for a few more hours. So tonight, when I'm actually awake....what does he do? Turns off his computer and curls up next to me on the recliner. LOL. He's not actually asleep yet, so I'm not going to give him that satisfaction....catch ya'll later!

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