Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How completely vexatious!

How'd you like that title? I think that means annoying. It's supposed to. It sounds right. I just had to go find a word that felt more......well.....fitting for my frustrations. LOL. Yes. I know. I'm nuts. Don't look at me like that! It's not my fault you're crazy enough to read my insanity! =) Haha.

Anyways. Last night was rough. Munchkin had a rough day yesterday and was running a low grade fever yesterday afternoon (99.4), so I got her home and gave her some children's tylenol. (I'd really like to know why they don't make adult tylenol in purple grape smells REALLY good!!!!!!) After that, she seemed fine the rest of the evening.

Bedtime rolls around. Get the bath thing out of the way and KC does the toothbrushing and reading the book routine. When he finished the book, you could tell she was getting sleepy, however, she always wants me to rock her to sleep. So KC was playing around with her and was like, don't you want me to rock you? And she says "yeah, my daddy rock me." Which is strange, but okay, so he starts like he's going to rock her and then she changes her mind (no big surprise there). So now she's like, "no, my mommy rock me." KC pooches out his lip and acted like he was all sad and she pats his face, hugs his neck, and loves on him for a minute till he acts cheerful again, then she lays back in his arms like she's going to let him rock her, and says again, "my mommy rock me." So KC does the pouty thing again and says, "awww daddy's feelings are hurt." And she, ever so seriously, looks up at him and says, "sorry." KC and I both cracked up, which made her laugh cuz she made mommy and daddy laugh. It just sounded so funny the way she said it. All she said was "sorry" but the tone of it said "i hate it for ya but I still want mommy." And she was totally dead serious when she said it, too. It was totally classic. And it was the one thing that kept the night from being a total loss.

To be continued....(if I have time)

Okay so I don't really have time. But anyways. The short version.....

Got her to sleep. Get ready to take her to her bed and suddenly there is this terrible yowling and thumping and banging on the glass in the dining room door. If I have ever felt like killing KC's cat, it was that moment. The short of it is, there is a neighbor's cat who goes into heat or something and comes and tortures Snowball, so she attacks the door like it's going to do some kind of good. The only thing it did was wake up the munchkin. And totally flipped her out so she wouldn't go back to sleep again anytime soon.

Finally get her to sleep around 10. Go to bed myself around 10:30....wake up at 1:30 to crying. Yep. The munchkin is running a low-grade temp of 99.9. Or is that high? I don't know. Gave her more tylenol and try to get her to go back to sleep but then she was complaining of her tummy hurting. Then she needed to go pee. Then she dozed off and woke up a few minutes later crying again. I slept in her room the rest of the night on the uncomfortable bed. The sleep a few, cry a few routine went on for several hours, so I was up and down and up and down. Finally fell asleep and both of us got a couple of hours in before it was time to get up. Not a fun night.

Woke her up this morning and she was okay, no temp, so I got her ready and took her to school. She threw a royal screaming fit when I left her, which is not normal, so I was prepared for a call at anytime saying she was sick. But she apparently had a good day until 4, when she started running a temp again of about 100. So I got her home and more tylenol and the temp is back to normal by around 7:30-8. But she was a little cranky all evening.

Bedtime tonight I don't even want to discuss here. Go to the last post I just did on the private blog to see that cuz I'm feeling hateful tonight and I don't want to subject ya'll to that.

And I'm going to bed now. If I have another night like last night, munchkin won't be the only whiny, cranky person in this house....I'm barely controlling those tendencies now. I don't see how parents that have kids that don't sleep through the night even function. One night kills me. I'm pathetic.

Okay. Now I'm whining. So I'm leaving now.


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