Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ugh. My head is KILLING me today. I haven't had a headache in like two weeks....which is unusual for me....but I liked it. Haha.

Munchkin is going to get tubes in her ears on Thursday, so today I had to take her to the pre-op appt. Went in late to work. Tomorrow is going to be a short day, too, since MY follow-up visit to the doctor is tomorrow afternoon. And then Thursday, I'll have to be off the whole day since she can't go back to daycare until the Friday after her surgery.

Oh yeah, KC will be so proud of me. Since I was right near the Hobby Lobby in Hickory today when I took her to her appt, and the appt didn't take too long, I decided I'd swing over there for a few minutes. I got in there and looked at all the scrapbook supplies and the awesome 50% off sale they were having.....and I only bought one little thing. 5.00. I didn't even buy a single sheet of paper (which was also 50% off and one of my biggest hangups). KC will be so proud. Oh, I did buy a bag of trail mix while I was in there b/c munchkin needed a snack (she'd already finished what I brought) and I didn't want to go to another store to get a snack....and then I bought myself some circus peanuts. MMM. But that was it. Just one item from the scrapbook section. Is that amazing or what? Yeah, I know. I thought so, too!

Well, my head really hurts, and it feels better when I close my eyes, so I'm going to bed now. Yes, it IS only 9:46 but I'm an old lady now and my bedtime keeps moving up. *sigh*



  1. I guess you know what caused the headache. Controlling the shopping bug in you must have drained you a lot. But you were successful and that's what matters. :-)

  2. I agree with aryo. Next time you must splurge a little to avoid nasty headaches. :) And poor little munchkin... tubes are yucky!


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