Thursday, May 03, 2007

Aww sheesh

Ever have so much on your mind that you can't even remember it all or you don't feel like even trying to get it all out? Well, now is one of those moments for me.

Since I don't know where to start, I'm just going to do a Thursday Thirteen of the events of the last 48 hours.

1. Yesterday I took the afternoon off for my doctor's appointment. He said I was doing better, but he wants to keep me on this medicine for several months until the problem is completely cleared up. (Mental note to self: this is one of the things that I needed to blog about over on the private blog)
2. Got home yesterday evening and picked up munchkin and got her washed up and ready to go to my great-aunt's viewing at the funeral home several hours from here in the area where I grew up. My dad was out of town and mom wanted someone to go with her. So we went up there to that.
3. Interesting trip. Should take around an hour and a half. Took us about 2 and a half. One stop for food. One stop for munchkin to go pee. And one stop for munchkin to do the other thing....only there was no place to stop in time.....and she couldn't hold it. Dear heavens, it was everywhere. Thank God I had taken an extra pair of undies, and she had shorts under her dress which contained most of it. I also had wipes in the car, however I didn't remember that until after Mom and I had improvised in the paper towel-less Wendy's bathroom to get her cleaned up. Let me tell ya, it was MAJOR! Dear God, just in case I have forgotten to mention this before, let me just tell ya, Thank you for my mom. I love her, but yesterday, I REALLY loved her!!! -Amen
4. Didn't stay long at the funeral home. Munchkin was fascinated with the lady in the casket. She kept pointing and saying, "move, mommy, ME SEE! wook, mommy!!" I told her it was okay, she was just asleep (a very LONG sleep) which technically is true. *grin* After that, she was like....oh...okay! I think if she had known the person, it would have been bad, but since she didn't know her, it was okay.
5. Came back home....uneventful trip. She watched Dora the whole time. (Speaking of Dora, she's REALLY getting into Dora now. That's all she wants to see and instead of pointing now, it's "DO-WA!")
6. Mom and KC's mom stayed the night last night so we could get up early and get munchkin up to the hospital to get her tubes in her ears. Mom stayed in munchkin's room and KC's mom on the couch. (neither one of them slept too good....bummer)
7. Set alarm for 4:15 so we could get ready and leave by 5 (had to be at the hospital at 6 and wanted to give ourselves enough time to find it and get in).
8. I woke up at dark-thirty when I heard my mom's panicked, whispered "FAITH!" It was definitely a "something's wrong here" kind of tone. I rolled out of bed and flew into the hall to find mom running back into munchkin's room with a wet rag. And hear puking from munchkin's bed. And see mom holding wet rag under her chin to catch it. Dear God, did I mention that you really blessed me when you gave me my mom? Uh, consider it mentioned! -Amen So we've got kid with puke on pjs, puke all over pillow and sheet, and still upset. Mom's working on bed, so I grab munchkin and take her to the bathroom to start cleaning her up. All the commotion woke up KC's mom, so she comes in and takes over cleaning up munchkin so I can help mom with cleanup, which is major. Poor "nonna," had to deal with messy, nasty stuff from both ends within twelve hours. Anyways. So I grab clean sheets, put the yucky stuff in the washer, and we put the bed back together.....and realize that it's only 15 minutes from when we have to get up anyways. So we stay up. Yeah, so all this happened between 3:30 and 4 this morning. Not my choice of wake up ideas.
9. Get ready and go to the hospital. Get there in plenty of time (15 minutes early) and take care of all the paperwork. Sit in room for 1 1/2 hours and entertain munchkin while we wait for them to come get her. They come get her, assure us that it won't hurt her at all, and take her back.
10. We wait. She's back in like 20 minutes. Screaming and holding her ears. They pick her up and hand her to me and tell me to try to get her calmed down. Huh uh! No can do....she's mad! And screaming, "my ears hurt me, my ears hurt, mommy, mommy, mommy, my ears hurt me!!!!!!" I'd have been a lot less mad if they hadn't insisted over and over, while she's screaming this, that her ears really don't hurt, she's just upset b/c she's waking up from the anesthesia. What EVER! Then why is she holding her ears and saying they hurt??? Um. Yeah. She's old enough to tell you when something hurts! Then they give her children's tylenol after about 30 minutes of non stop crying. So why did they give her tylenol if she's not really in pain? Duh. It took about 45 minutes for her to start calming down. When we got her in the car, she was starting to get a little more cheerful and then fell asleep.
11. Got her home and she woke up when we took her in.....and didn't want to go back to sleep....still easily upset and didn't want me to leave to go get breakfast. So we all piled back in the car and went and picked up some croissants from Burger King. And stopped and got her some balloons, which goes a long way in cheering up a three year old.
12. Home again and eat breakfast....then she plays for a little bit and about lunchtime, Mawmaw rocks her to sleep and lays her in her bed. Then mawmaw and nonna left (after I ran out again to get some tylenol) and no sooner had I got back and they left, I hear munchkin waking up. It's only been an hour, so I go get her and then I hear my phone ringing. So I take her into the rocking chair and grab the phone. It's KC checking on us, so I talk to him for a minute while rocking her and then hang up and she says she's cold, so I pull the blanket up over her and she instantly (which is RARE) falls back asleep.
13. So I'm like....well, now's as good a time as any for me to sleep, so I rock a few more minutes and then push the recliner back, adjust her, and then fall asleep. That was about 1-ish. 2:45 I wake up. LOL. She's still out. I contemplate waking her for about 15 minutes. Then around three I woke her up and got her some juice and a snack. And we've taken it easy the rest of the day.

Shooo. What a day. I'm tired. She's bounced back really well, though.

There was more I had to say but I really don't remember it.

OH yeah, one cool thing from the other day....had a comment on one of my posts from the Phillippines! wow! Don't know how they found me, but anyways.

Okay. If I think of whatever I had on my mind earlier, I'll come back and post later.

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  1. I am wore out just reading this... And #3 ROLF!!! And the comment from the Philippines WAS cool. I am Filipina so I told him so on his blog. Then he commented on mine. This is why the net is just. too. cool. :)


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