Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another long day

Shooooo. I am beat. And I also don't feel like making the repairs to my blog that dummy me messed up. Oh well.

I also don't really feel like blogging right this minute, so I'll just leave you with a few pictures from today....on the way home from work (we had to go a different way to drop off some mailers for work) we stopped at this cool little old train/gas station.....and CV wouldn't let me take any pictures of her, so I didn't really have a choice. *sigh* I love this setting though, and I wanted to record it in case I decide to go there to do a portrait session with anyone!





close with glasses against the awesome red boxcar
and then me withOUT glasses against the boxcar. I'm not sure which I like better. Somebody help me out here?
Obviously the sun was a little harsh, but I loved the red SO rocked! And the gas station or whatever it was, was really neat!

Had a Foster Parent meeting was fun....I liked just getting to meet up with the other foster parents and exchange stories and tips and all kinds of other they provided childcare, so we just showed up and didn't have to worry about the munchkin for two hours. Nice. Also cool, when we were leaving, a car was going out of the parking lot and saw us and stopped and it was the social worker who actually removed munchkin from the bad situation (not our current foster care caseworker) and she was just amazed at how well the munchkin is doing. She actually started crying. It was really sweet. She just kept saying over and over.....she looks so good! She's really grown! Wow! She looks so good! Anyways. that was nice.

Well....I'm off for now.

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  1. Oh... that is a hard one. I like both pics. The red is AWESOME!!! Looks like a post card!


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