Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yesterday's Staff Meeting Agenda

____ Staff Meeting
3/7/07 3pm
____ Meeting Room


- Welcome/introduction & opening remarks (new GM)
- Wild applause or uncomfortable murmuring (staff)
- Report from ___ Services (Scar & Nala)
- Report from ___ Services (Wally & Timon)
- Report from ___Services (My boss & Co.)
- New business/discussion
- Graceful exit

That was exactly what was on the Agenda that was handed out at the beginning of the meeting. Well, of course, except for the fact that I removed the pertinent details and changed the names to protect the innoce---well......anyways, I changed the names. LOL.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be annoyed. While I like a sense of humor, I'm not quite sure that he was trying to be funny. Let's just say that the first staff meeting with the new GM was was an eye-opener. I tried to be optomistic, but I'm beginning to fear that my original opinion/gut feeling is going to turn out to be correct after all. And ya'll. That's bad. No further comment. And let's just keep that between us, okay?

Anyways. Today is my birthday. Happy birthday, Me! I'm just one notch under a quarter of a century. Why do I have the feeling that it's going to be downhill from here? Oh, and idiotic me who doesn't learn from my mistakes....wore the pretty shoes again this morning.....and almost fell again trying to walk across gravel when my ankle twisted. UGH. I didn't. That would have been an awful way to start this year off. LOL. But the shoes are SOO cute!!! *SIGH*

But....I think today is going to be a good day.
#1 KC is coming home from CT today. (YAY)
#2 SM sent me a real life card AND an e-card that was a hoops and yoyo that was really funny
#3 I got wind of a cake in the fridge from the staff.....I'm not positive, but I'm thinking it's for me and mom (whose b-day was Monday -- Happy Birthday again, Mom)
#4 I think there might be a card in the mailbox when I get home from a sweet online friend....*smiles* But of course, I don't know a thing.....about #3 OR #4. *GRIN*
#5 I'm just in a good mood. KC's COMING HOME TODAY!!!

Anyways, I need to get moving and get some work done. Lots to do today.
Later, ya'll!


  1. HEY FAITH!!!!!! It's been way too long since I've read the blog. I did at least get the message about the new one, but that was probably the last time I read. *sigh* Just haven't been in the "mood" lately. Don't know what's up with that. Anyway, sounds like you are doing good. Funny as always. Keep that up! TTYL.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so glad your hubby is coming home to be with you on your day. Are you doing anything special??
    Wish I had been thinking, I'd have made you a card! (course, I don't know where to send it)

  3. happy birthday....sorry to hear about the new boss....i went through that very same thing here....


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