Friday, March 23, 2007


Guess where I am right this minute....? I'm sitting in my house. Using the really fast internet. And so is KC! At the same TIME, ya'll! How totally crazy cool is THAT?!? Yeah. That's what I'm talking about! I LOVE CABLE INTERNET! Yay! I'll never be able to go back to dialup again!

Oh, and kiddo is asleep. Another big yahoo for us. We're settlin' in. I think this is going to work. We went over to visit some friends tonight cuz we hadn't seen them in 4-eva....twas very fun, by the way...I've missed seeing them. Anyways, they just had a new baby....#2.....and as we were leaving, I thought: ya know....I'm really really glad I get to go home and put just 1 to bed, and she'll more than likely sleep through the night. *grin* Kids are a huge blessing, but I have to say....I am way more sympathetic to the tiredness/lack of sleep issue that goes along with them than I ever used to be.

So it was really funny....their 1st kid is not quite two and he was all lovin on Punkin and she wasn't quite into that. The really funny thing is that it was literally every five seconds that he would just walk up to her and stick his arms around her. Punkin didn't really get upset, she just wasn't real receptive. I couldn't help but laugh. He was so excited and into it, he didn't seem to notice that she wasn't hugging him back. Speakin of him...he has grown like a foot since I've seen him last. Well, technically not "a foot", since he still only has two, (LOL) but he looks all little boyish now instead of baby. *sigh* He's such a cutie though.

Punkin should have had a bath tonight, but we were out of milk, so we stopped at the grocery store on our way home and that took up all of I wanted a chance to get on the new internet....ha. I know, selfish of me, but she really needed to be in bed anyways, more than she needed a bath, cuz it was getting late. I'll get her a bath tomorrow.

She fell at daycare today and skinned her arm and put a pretty good little bruise underneath her bangs. They told KC about it when he picked her up this afternoon. She got home and was showing us her "boo-boo" and then she kept asking us to wash it thing I know, she had gone to the bathroom and got her washcloth and was scrubbing at it. I was like....hey, hold up here...that won't wash off, you're going to make it hurt!

Speakin of her bangs....they're in her eyes now. We've had her for a week. It was not in her eyes when we got her.....matter of fact, it was barely on her head....very very thin.....can't tell it now. It's getting thicker fast! Must ask SW if she can check with birthmom about us trimming it. Also need to remind myself to let SW know about the fall at school today since it left a pretty good sized bruise on her little noggin. Bless it.

Geesh I'm tired.

Oh. No pictures allowed on the bliggity blog. Asked SW today. Can only show pictures to close friends/family/people who will likely eventually meet her anyways.....bummer. Stinks to have a cute kid and can't even show her off. Oh well.

So last night was first experience of being a mom and being sick at the same time....oh and did I mention that I was doing the whole PMS thing, too? Yeah. I had a sore throat, achy, low-grade fever, sinus junk, backache, general grumpiness, etc......and then I had to suck it up and be a mom anyways. EW. Felt terrible for feeling terrible. Not a good feeling. But today was much better. Actually, today I'm pretty much fine...which is a wonderful feeling. Still have some of the sinus junk, but not bad. Thank God.

Okay. I'm going away here. I need to grab a couple of Punkin's pictures and email to a friend (who will probably meet Punkin one of these here days in the near future...LOL).

Later, ya'll.


  1. Congrats on high speed!! YAY!!

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    ...HIGH SPEED!!!...Vaaaarooooommmm.....sorry you're all PMSin'....Wally says "try some DR. Pepper"...



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