Friday, March 30, 2007


What a day.

My head is killing me. However, I really feel awful complaining about anything when I think of my boss's family situation right now. I haven't heard any new updates on that since this morning, which was basically that the doctors came back and said that the surgery would be very high risk and not much chance of improving anything even if successful. The only other choices they gave the family were to cut off life support immediately or attempt to wean her off of the support slowly in hopes that her body will be able to pick up and begin to heal itself. Of course, they decided to go with the latter choice. There really isn't much hope except in the case of a miracle....but God can still work in seemingly hopeless situations.

I got up this morning and got ready and then went to wake up Punkin....only to find a very very damp bed. Yuck. So we got to go through the bath routine and the bed stripping/laundry routine at 6:45 this morning. Fun. But we got through it....and I got to work only about half an hour late....but then I get a phone call at 10:55 from daycare...she's got a fever of 102 and must be picked up within thirty minutes. So I fly out the door at 11, call the dr, get an appt at 11:40, run by the house to get her insurance form, rush over to daycare, pick her up (only 10 minutes later than they wanted) and rush over to the drs office. Only to find that she has no fever, no signs of any infection, including bladder infections (and that was fun to check....NOT) no reason whatsoever for her whiny-ness, bladder issues, and general bad mood of the last week. Pretty much assuming at this point that she's just finally getting to the point where all the transitions in her life are needing to be expressed and since she can't talk very's fun.

I need to go now. Miss whiny Punkin is ready for bedtime (well, she's not, but bedtime is ready for her....LOL.) And my head hurts. And I need to go pay bills.


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  1. You had quite a day!!! I hope today is better. How are things with your boss's family?


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