Sunday, March 25, 2007


Do you know this blog is getting very close to being at the 300 posts mark? Sheesh. I talk a lot. (Oh, shut up. I know you knew that already. Quit laughing! Oh,'re laughing WITH me. Haha.)

Anyways. My poor neglected private's terribly sad. Faith has been busy lately. Too busy to have any kind of private thoughts. LOL. Oh well. The minute little bit of blog fodder I put over there will have to suffice until I get more "me" time (which will probably be used for other more important things, like shaving my legs or scrapbooking....and the private blog will still suffer....but hey....priorities! LOL).

Punkin is doin well. I feel like a really bad mommy for saying this, but I love, love, love naptime and bedtime. I can actually get something accomplished during those times....sleeping for example. LOL. No really, though, I've been sick for about 4 days now....not counting the 4 days that I felt it coming on....and although I've tried to get other things besides sleep done while she's zonked, the last couple of days I have felt that it would be wisdom to get rest while I can or else I'll not be able to keep up with her. But. I have to say, I'm getting used to this. And the more comfortable I get, the more I like it. Not only that, but like I was telling KC tonight. If I can do this "mommy thing" while hacking up a lung in addition to the whole PMS/being a girl thing, then whenever this junk is gone, it'll be a breeze. Well, not really, I'm sure there will be some other sort of drama to come along, but you know what I mean.

Hang on a sec while I gripe, will ya? I'm really tired of being sick. Tomorrow starts that bi-annual "week of torture" that is also known as the fund-drive at work (okay, so it's not that bad...just tiring) and I really don't have time to spare to make a visit to the doc. And I have a really bad gut feeling that I'm gonna end up there anyways. It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm already missing a lot of that fun comp time stuff because Punkin's daycare is only open for so many hours and if I have to come home in the day to go to the doc, it'll really kill my time. *sigh* My throat is hurting on the left side. Almost reminds me of the strep incident back at the beginning of the year. It goes away, the more advil I take, but after the advil wears off, it comes back. That not good sign. Not to mention all that sinus junk has moved down into my chest (oh, but not completely....I have that raspy 1 9 00 # voice....when it comes out, that is.) Let me tell ya, this is NOT fun. Oh and did I mention that I am having some stomach issues as well? Well. I'll spare you the gory details. Trust me, you don't want to know. I can really deal with all of it except for the sore throat....and I could pass on the stomach trouble as well, but even that I could deal with.....just that sore throat. UGH. It KILLS me. BUT. You'll be proud to know, I sucked it up, have continued life normally, and went to both services at church today. Didn't FEEL like it, but I went. And it was good. Okay, so that was more than a sec of griping, so I'll quit now.

Punkin started calling KC "daddy" on Friday night. I'm not sure where that came from b/c I referred to him up to that point (I don't remember slipping anyways) as KC, not daddy.....but we had got out of the car to run into the grocery store to get some lovely essentials (like bread and milk) and I had got her out of her seat and was getting ready to walk into the store and KC stopped to lock the door and she just hollers out, "Come ON, daddy!" I was like, HUH? Did you hear what she just called you? And now, she still calls me "fafe" every now and then, but generally it's "mommy" and "daddy." Yikes.

It's also getting confusing on what to call the grand-foster parents......She met KC's parents first and soon as she saw them, she called them Ma-maw and Pawpaw. Well, then she met my parents today and she was like Ma-maw! And goes running for the door and then they came in and she was puzzled (although she was fine once she got comfortable with them). So now what to call my parents? Mom is definitely not a "granny" and I really don't see her as a "nanny" either, nor do I see my dad as "gramps". They were called Ma-maw and Pawpaw today but I think that's too confusing for her, so somebody needs a new name. I never had to worry cuz I only had one Pa-paw and my dad's mom was real big on proper names, so she was...or rather...IS....Grandma that was easy to separate. But I can't see my mom as a Grandma ___ or his mom as a Grandma ____, so we've got to figure some kind of nicknames out. Any suggestions? And they need to be easy for a two year old with some speech delays to pronounce. LOL....yeah I know, I don't make it easy! But if anyone has any suggestions, that would be lovely!

Oh well. I have to say this though, I love walking through a store with just me and punkin and out of the corner of my eye, notice a guy checking me out and then looking at her in the cart and MOVIN' ON.....YES! Finally! The solution! Hallelujah!!!!

Let's see....what else. Oh....need to add to the thank you list (which is growing somewhat lengthy....and of course, that's very sweet!)
Big Daddy and Sis KennyG - an adorable denim dress, a different dora fork and spoon set (yay, now maybe I won't have to wash those quite as maybe every OTHER meal now....LOL), a dora kitchen toy set (which she loved and played with during church tonight), some hair clippies (which I hid....cuz Punkin LOVES to play with them and pull them all off the packaging....LOL. If I keep them hidden till I put one or two in her hair, maybe that will lessen the likelihood of them disappearing so soon), and two books. I think that was all that was in there.....there was a lot of stuff, so I might have missed something. But it was very very sweet!
Ma-maw & Pawpaw #1 (did you guys catch that....I hope you're thinking about how to help me solve this dilemma.....oh and no one get offended....that's the order of meeting, not order of importance....both ma-maws & pawpaws are equally important) - pink house slippers and a popup book (both of which have been "loved")
Ma-maw & Pawpaw #2 (come on.....need some help here....did you like how I handled that #1&2 thing? That was me out please so I won't get in trouble!) - some duplo lego blocks that have rolling blocks....currently she only has one rolling block, so she'll enjoy the "train"

Hopefully I haven't missed anything. Speaking of missing, right now, I'm missing bedtime...KC has gone without I should go now.

Later, ya'll!

PS Just watched the preview for the new Pirates Of the Carribbean movie.....oooooooh. SWEET! Can't wait for that one to come out. Looks like it has the potential to be quite interesting and humorous. *grin* Okay I'm going now.....


  1. My mom took back her maiden name after her divorce which meant when I had children, there was grandma and great grandma with the same last name. After Courtney, the oldest, started talking it became grandma and gramma-gramma. Now that the children are older, it's grandma Claypool and grandma Brenda. It is amazing what children will come up with. Have fun with your new little one. I miss those days.
    Becky Laywell

  2. My cousin had a Grandma-Grandma. My kids called my Grandma "Neena" - I'm not sure where it came from though, but then the baby cousins after them called her that too until she passed away. My Grandpa was just "Grandpa (insert last name)." Sounds like P is really settling in.


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