Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life in the fast lane....

This is definitely not going to be a Wordless Wednesday....this is a "catch up" Wednesday.

I wish, hypothetically speaking, of course, that the fast lane in traffic moved as fast as the fast lane that is also known as my life at this moment. LOL. Strangely enough, I find myself wishing that I'd be able to get over into the slow lane....and that's not like me.

I was trying to catch up on some of my blog reads (although unfortunately I'm so far behind I don't have time to comment) and came across this one today. I like the way she puts it.

Today, for the first time in almost a week, I woke up feeling like I had slept. This life is so different than I expected. Suddenly it's not about me anymore....or even me and's about her. And really. I find myself (for the most part) not minding that at all.

As I was saying before I had to rush off the last time to go get some Punkin details taken care of before I had to go pick her up....everyone is being so wonderful! It's great! I need to not forget who to give thank you cards I'll just keep track on here. ( dear blog, you have become my brain in addition to everything else....LOL)

So far....
- "Uncle Wally" - cash for toys.....which I went and bought today. I am so excited to see her reaction....right now I don't have very many toys for her, so she is going love what she got from her "Uncle Wally." (A My Little Pony set, A baby doll set that includes lots of baby accessories and a stroller, a wooden puzzle, a tea set that includes some plastic play food, and a picnic play food set)
- Sis J from church - an adorable pink dress which she proceeded to carry around the church in the little gift bag and would hardly let go of....
- My supervisor at work - four really cute dresses/jumpers and a pink blues clues shirt.
- My Mum - a girly green dress, pink mickey jacket, and sweater

And let's not forget the sweet helpers who have sat with Punkin at church while I sing in the choir, tagged along with me to help me watch her while I took pictures, played with her at church, passed along some "hand-me-down" clothing from their kids (which has already been put to use), and etc. Like I said, everyone has been AWESOME.

Punkin Update:
She's getting more comfortable with KC. He's picking her up from daycare today. Without me. Crossing my fingers that there is no drama there. I'm not really sure how that will go.

This is really funny. Last night I let KC get her ready for bed (and she was all happy....didn't seem to have any problems with that) so he's supervising the tooth brushing thing, then he goes and helps her change into her PJs and I say, ask her if she needs to potty before you put her PJs on (b/c they are the kind with feet, so you have to pretty much have to strip her down to use the potty after they're on) so he does and she says yes and next thing I know KC has this incredibly panicked look on his face and is coming out of the bathroom and says to me....Honey, you help her....I can't deal with this. ROFL! I really was planning to do bathroom duty myself, so I was heading in there anyways, but it cracked me up that he was flipping out like that. So anyways, we did bathroom duty and then I sent her back to KC to finish getting her PJs on and then he read her a book and tucked her in bed and all. She was fine with all of it, which was great with me b/c it gave me a chance to get her stuff ready for today and tidy up the house a bit and all that stuff.

We took her to meet KC's parents last night before choir practice. Totally shocked me that she took to Joe like she did. I'm not sure who enjoyed that fifteen minute visit the most, them or her. Joe gave her 5 tootsie rolls. She LOVED that! I wasn't so keen on it....mostly b/c she wanted to eat them all right then. LOL....we took two of them and gave them to her later.

She slept through the night for the last two nights without waking up with bad dreams. That is a DELIGHTFUL thing! I can't seem to get her to go to sleep before 10 no matter how early I put her in bed. And she is a BEAR to get up in the mornings. She doesn't stop crying until I get her dressed and start working on her hair. I think I've figured it out though....I think it's b/c I stand her in front of the mirror when I work on her hair, so she sees herself crying and that's when she stops and gets cheerful. Tomorrow morning I'm going to stand her in front of the mirror, starting at the "getting dressed" point and see if that helps. *grin*

I don't think I'm going to need to buy her anymore clothes. Between hand-me-downs and everyone buying her stuff, she's going to be very well dressed. *grin* I love that though...she's so cute in her little outfits.

Anyways, I talked to The People yesterday and they feel like (although nothing is ever for sure, and I fully realize that) she may have a good chance of becoming permanent. I can already see that if she leaves, it's going to tear us both up. Shoo. But we don't want to think about that right now.

So....a few misc things that I need to write down to use in her life book.....maybe this way I won't forget all the details when I sit down to make her book.
- I was pulling up in the driveway on Monday after picking her up, and she looks up at the house and said, "home!" and then we got in the house and she says (very excitedly) "my room!" and takes off down the hall to her room to find "her baby." It was real sweet and all. =)

- She calls me "Fafe." And it's so cute! I don't think she's worked out KC comes out Ta-be or something.
- I got her Dora Bathtime to see if that would help her not hate did. She still doesn't love bathtime, but at least there wasn't the major storm when it came to getting her hair wet b/c she was mostly distracted since she was "giving Dora a bath". Argh. It's DRAMA!

Anyways....that's about all that I can remember now. And I'm tired. We have church tonight. So it's one more night in which I don't have time to do laundry. And I need clean laundry....BAD! Tomorrow night we have the home visit check-in with the social worker to see how things are going with Punkin. I'm going to HAVE to leave work a little early to get home and get the house tidied up again. I only THOUGHT it got messy BK (before kids). HA! I knew nothing. Now I'm wiser.

Oh and then there are the picture edits for my friend's engagement pictures....hopefully I'll find SOME time to fit that in. Whew. I have to say, I now have a greater appreciation for the work that goes into parenting. Sheesh.



  1. Wow... talk about a lifestlye change! You are doing awesome! It sounds like she is ajusting herself! :) And it sounds like you have some great friends! Post when you can!

  2. Girl you sound like you guys are just about pros. I sooo wish you could share pics. She sounds totally adorable. But I also understand the need for her privacy, so it's ok. TTYL.

  3. I'm so glad things are going so well w/ Punkin!
    It sounds like you are having fun too!


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