Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grumpy Gills

Today I guess I'd be Marlin....cuz I was definitely having some grumpy issues. LOL. Not my usual "Dory" self. I think KC and I did this role exchange cuz he was all cheerful and annoying like I usually am. LOL. Lord, love him. *GRIN* Lord, love me, really. I was the "hard to get along with" one today. *sigh*

I had a lot to do today....a lot of stuff that I really didn't feel like doing. And it wasn't stuff that I could just "put off" like I normally do (hehe) and that just made me irritable.

Anywho....not a whole lot of exciting things to blog about lately. I could say that ____ is ____ again, but I dont particularly want the world (or at least the small part of the world that reads my blog) to know that, so I might blog a little later about that over at the private insanity blog.

Speaking of the small part of the world that reads my blog....i dont think that my lurker from Newark has been back to my blog since I made my myspace private, so apparently, they (whoever they were) either got tired of reading and just hasn't came back, or else they weren't on my friend list so they can't see my profile and get the link anymore. Judging by the regularity of their previous visits, I'd venture to say it was the latter. I wish there was some way on myspace to see the profiles of anybody who looks at your profile....then I'd be able to pinpoint it...maybe. But anyways. Somebody else came here from the myspace link recently from Atlanta. I can't figure this one out. I don't think anyone on my friend list is from Atlanta. Strange.

Watched Flushed Away yesterday. Wasn't real impressed. It was okay. Not really as funny as the previews. Speaking of impress-ionist.....we watched that one, too...the other was definitely interesting. And definitely fiction. You can't really make yourself disappear like that....can you? ??

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends (my sorta cousin and his wife, who is also one of the kids I grew up with.....(remember the Down Memory Lane post....the first picture....she's the girl in front of me....and she looks nothing like that now). Anyways, it was fun. We haven't really had a chance to get together since they got married (back in Sept -- VA beach....remember all that? Yeah) Anyways. We had a good time.

Was telling KC about my "how to be annoying post" on Friday and he said when he went to Walmart this morning the cashier had a perfect hook on annoying. So let's just note that in a similar manner as saying ooh la la in every sentence....insert the words: "Rock on" after everything ranging in importance from mild to extreme. And not just saying it, but SAYING it. Like ROCK ooooonnnn...or in the southern...rock awnnn....LOL. Yeah, I can get where that would get irritating. LOL. KC said that he said it at least 3 times to every person checking out. Your credit card was approved...ROCK ONNnnnn! You're buying toilet paper? ROCK Onnnnnn.....BWAHAHAHA. Oooh....definitely pretty high up on the irritation scale. Right up there with driving 50 miles with your turn signal on. LOL.

Well....need to get going here...lovely work tomorrow....not particularly looking forward to it.

Oh in happy news, we *MIGHT* just be able to get charter cable here at the FaithNKC house sometime in the next couple of weeks. KC called yesterday (for the five-hundredth, he's not been a pest at all....LOL. Okay so maybe not five hundred times but he has bugged them about it) and it looks like they're FINALLY going to put it out here. YAY! Not sure yet when it will be, but it sounded like in the next week or so, and KC saw red lines where they came out and marked it. *crossing fingers* I am SO wanting to leave dialup where it belongs....HISTORY!!!!!!

Alright. Going now.
Later, ya'll!

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  1. oh cable hook up is awesome... I can't believe you still have to suffer with dial up. I didn't think anyone still had to use dial up anymore. You'll have to let me know when you do a private post so I can go eavesdrop. ;)


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