Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Busy beaver

Well....been busy lately. Between the kidlet running around, the whole work thing this week, and doing the edits on the pictures I took of my friend and her fiance for their engagement.....


more of those can be viewed here. I'm still working on the first edits and once I get all the way through with those, I'll go back and do some special effects. It sure takes a lot longer to get things done with a kidlet running around. But I love every minute of it. Seriously. Now that I've gotten more adjusted, I'm thinking I don't want to go back to the way things were. It's going to be one rough time if she has to leave.

On that....it looks like at this point, that she may be with us for a little longer than June....maybe not forever, but quite possibly up to a year. We'll see.

I think I have developed seasonal allergies. I've never had them before, but suddenly the last two weeks I have had serious sinus issues. Last three days I've had a funky achy throat (not scratchy, just yucky feeling) and now it's more of a tickling.....and now my eyes are kinda itchy and I keep coughing. YUCK. Oh yeah, and driving home tonight I noticed that all the cars that I saw had a yellow/green tint to them. Including mine.

Really though, I can't complain a bit about my life. I've got too much to be thankful for. I got a phone call last night from a co-worker calling to let me know that my boss's daughter was in a bike accident and was at the hospital with head injuries and that my boss had left work early to rush up there. So when I got to work this morning I found out that it's very, very serious. Ya'll, if you guys pray, please pray for her. She's a couple of years older than me and she's my boss's only child and they're very close. And the doctors told them that she has a very small chance of survival and they actually said that it would take divine intervention if she comes out of this. But you guys know as well as I that God still works miracles, and I know my boss would appreciate the prayers. They won't be able to run tests to find out how severe the damage to her brain is for several days until the swelling goes down, and until that point, she's in very critical condition. It was very sober at work today. We're in the middle of fundraising week and I'm just glad I wasn't the one behind the mics. That was just at the front of everyone's minds today.

No other updates for now. Sorry to leave on a downer, but it's time for bed.



  1. The pics look great! And wow... for a whole year! I know it will be difficult when/if she has to go, but God will help you through it. And I just said a prayer for your boss's daughter. Keep us posted. PS Still happy with your high speed!!? lol

  2. I was a nanny for many years to one family. I love those boys as if they are my own. We still keep in touch. The night before I left I put Sam to bed. We were reading books and I was all choked up. He asked why I had to go to TX. I told him b/c C was there, he said why did I have to go be w/ C. I said b/c I married him. He asked me then to marry him. I'm telling you if it wasn't againt the law to marry an 8 yr old... I would have!
    I totally can understand the attachment you have w/ Punkin.

    I will pray for your boss's dd, keep us posted on her status.


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