Monday, February 05, 2007


Today was a crazy busy day. And its not looking like its going to get any better ANYWHERE in the near future. Or even the not so near. *sigh*

Tomorrow....oh.....lets so not even go there. I don't want to think about it. I want to go to sleep and wake up on Wednesday. Have to be at work at least thirty minutes early, for some campus-wide "long session of absolute boredom" (for lack of better description.) THEN: I have to leave that little thing at lunchtime and drive about 45 minutes to a funeral home and take pictures of the family of a lady that goes to my church. Her husband passed away yesterday and she wants a picture of the family while everyone's together. I've really got some reservations about that....mostly (and I say this with all due respect) having to do with the fact that I'll be attempting to take a picture and it's not exactly a happy time for them. What do you say? Ya know? Smile? Look happy? Honestly, if a photographer had the nerve to say that to me if it were my husband or dad's funeral, there would probably have to be a second casket brought around for the offending camera holder, cuz I'd have to choke somebody. Okay, I'm moving off this subject before I get in trouble.

Anyways, after the picture is the viewing and funeral and then we've got choir practice, so I'm going to be DEAD tomorrow night. I mean "really tired", not never mind.

Found this little fella at the salvation army today for .25. He's really cute. My friend has one of these for her little boy. He's called Tickle Toes and if you press his foot (the one that says tickle toes) he has this really, really cute and funny little giggle. Ya know, like his feet are ticklish? Anyways, he's in perfect condition except his tickle box didn't work. Well, that's no big deal, he's only .25, right? I can just open his little tickle toes and slide that box out and replace the batteries. So, I pull out my seam ripper and very carefully pull the fuzz out from between his toes....(teeheheh) and the giggle box, of course. SO I pull it out. And carefully open it up. Conclusion: methinks somebody tickled his toes a little TOO hard.....the pieces have come apart and I don't think its a battery issue. Good thing it was only twenty five, he's cute. So I'll just sew up those cute little toesies and consider it .25 well spent. He's very cheerful, after all. Plus, I like finding cute things at thrift stores. It makes me happy. And these days, a person can use all the happy they can get. Trust me!

Oh and while I'm busy and not being lazy about pictures, this is a shot I got on our way to church the other night. I composed the shot, but I had it on {P} setting so it chose what to do with the settings. Note to self: camera takes funky pictures when pointed directly at sun. Although, in this case, I kinda like it.

This first one is straight out of camera. The true results.


Second one is me flipping up the curves (majorly). I kinda like the funkified funky look. LOL


Oh, and notice my extra step of UN-laziness tonight....I created a new brush stamp for my Always Faith Photography to start changing the name over.

Speaking of changing over names, DON'T FORGET!!!! You've got until February 15th (that's ten more days) to change your links to b/c this random insanity blog will found at that link after the 15th.

Oh, and on the topic of people looking at my blog.....yep, I did it again. I gave my link away to another person that knows me. LOL.....or thought he knew me. If he actually reads this very long, he's probably going to wonder....hahaha. I'm okay with this one though....he's my out of state uncle (Hi, Uncle M!!!) and I have yet to feel a need to vent or gripe about him, so I think I'm safe if he reads it....Bwahahaha. He, on the other hand, may decide he cannot possibly be related to me. ROFL!!!!


I think that's all I've got for now. (actually, it's not, but some things I better not talk about before I get a grip on my attitude about it, or else I really will get into trouble....LOL. By the time I get a grip on it though, I'll probably forget about it. That's usually how it happens. *grin*)

So, later ya'll. Hope ya'll's Tuesday is better than mine. (yes, yes, I know, I should be positive. I can't help that I'm a realist...Ha.)

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  1. It sounds like you need Calgon to take you away!! Hang in there... Friday is just a few days away! (Sort of... think positive!)


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