Saturday, February 17, 2007

Okay, ya'll....

My dear hubby is a very private person. Unlike his wifey who blathers all kinds of stuff over the airwaves from humiliated kitkats to personal drama...etc. Anyways, I fixed him up with a statcounter like mine for his blog so he could see who was visiting his blog. I think it flipped him out a bit....since about 8 of his...8 visitors (lol....actually, it was about 16, although I'm sure some of the other 8 also found the link from my site and returned directly instead of through my blog) came from my site. Teeheheh....and at least two of them are ones that I think might know both of from here in town and my lurker from Newark. Anyways, I think that's the part that skeered him. He told me he wants the freedom to put his thoughts down and know they're not going to get him in trouble with...ahem....people....or offend said....ahem....people. Not that the....ahem...people who have been to his blog already are on that list, but OTHER people who read my blog..... *GRIN* So he told me to take down my links to his page. I was like...aww.....come on.....why don't you just make your blog by invitation only, that way people have to tell you who they are and ask to read it. *grin* EEK. Don't hit me, ya'll, but he JUMPED on that hesitation whatsoever. I know he's a very interesting and witty fellow and I know you want to go see, but you're just going to have to ask him to invite you if you want to read it. And yes, I know it's a pain in the neck, but you'll have to get over it. *grin* Anyways, you have to have a Google account (even if you don't have a blogger blog) and you will have to email him at his blogger email and then he can go invite you (oh, I just figured out that you don't have to have a google account for him to invite can view as a guest for a few days if he does, but then you have to sign up for a google account).....IF he wants to give you access. LOL. You might want to ask first before you go to the trouble of signing up for a Google account....he's a very private person. *grin* I love that boy. Oh, and don't none of ya'll get offended if he says no....that just means he's talking about you on there and doesn't want you to see it. BWAHAHAH. JUST KIDDING!!!! It doesn't mean don't get offended...

I'm on his invite list. Course, I invited myself whenever I set it to "invite only"....BWAHHAHAHA. Yes. I'm crazy. I'm also taking bribes for unauthorized invitations....since I have access to his blogger account....ROFL. I'm kidding again, ya'll. Sorry. *GRIN*

Okay. I'm off again. (are you kidding? I'm ALWAYS "OFF"...hehehehe)

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  1. I visited KC's blog the day you posted the link... but left b/c he was talking about work! lol


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