Monday, February 19, 2007

It's definitely Monday.

*sigh* I'm exhausted. KC and I went down to Charlotte last night to spend some quality time together and spent the night. Did a little shopping, a little relaxing, went to dinner at the Cracker Barrel (yummy) was nice. The time away, that is. The Cracker Barrel was a little strange. The food was terrific....KC had the homestyle chicken dinner and I had a plate of country vegetables. We both even agreed on the restaurant choice (LOL). But the company was a little strange......

{missing paragraph on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

But then, we're sitting there, our waitress had either just brought our drinks or had just left with our drink order or something and this other waitress walks by and stops and says, "that gentleman back there wants to know if either of you know who won the Daytona. He saw you had just came in and thought you might know." UHHMM.... HUH? Isn't that like a place in Florida? LOL. Just kidding...I know what the Daytona is...I live in the south. BUT. I don't know who won. So waitress number two says that's okay and walks away. KC and I look at each other and we're like....okay, this is getting REALLY strange.

InDesign is getting on my nerves again. It really bugs me how it will tell you to put the graphic or frame all the way to the edges and show it in that illustration and then on the illustrations after that, it shows the graphic or frame not going all the way to the edge. Weird. Oh, and I'm almost halfway through chapter three now. Whoohoo.

Anyways. I'm ready to go home now. I got up at 4 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. *sigh*

Well...back to lovely "driving me crazy" InDesign.
Later, ya'll!

Oh and yes, KC's blog is all about work. He said he wasn't comfortable posting anything more personal, but I'm hoping now that it's private, invitation only, that he'll start posting more personal. I like to see inside his head. Course, inside his head isn't as skeery as inside mine. But ya know. =)

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