Thursday, February 01, 2007


I feel like I have had a very, VERY productive day. I'd post pictures, but I'm too lazy....besides....I put enough pictures on here this morning to last for at least a week of posts. Hah. Anyways, I'm just sitting here enjoying a rasberry lemonade (powdered drink mix, but its just as good as Sonic's, and a WHOLE lot cheaper. LOL. $4.00 for a can that makes 2 gallons which equals who knows how many cups.....vs.....$1.54 for a cup at Sonic. Uh.....hey, I have a brilliant idea.....I think I'll just take some of this powder to work. As long as its not the kind you sniff, nobody should care, right? LOL. FYI, I have never understood the whole sniffing powder thing anyways. Wouldn't that make you sneeze or something? Kinda seems dumb to did I get off on this?

Back to my productive day. I have started and finished two novels (yeah, I know, thats not exactly productive, but it was fun). I'm still not finished with my "happy list tin album" but I'm planning to finish it tonight. I'm very close to being done. At this point, I just need to start glueing it all down and adding the journalling and the final touches.

The really productive thing of my day is that I COOKED supper. I tried two new recipes....baked manicotti and stuffed shells. Yes, that is a lot for one supper. Actually, I made three pans (2 person supper sized) of baked manicotti and fixed one of those for tonight with the lovely frozen texas toast (that wasn't homemade). And then there are about three trays of stuffed shells that are in the freezer now along with the other two pans of freezer is slightly full. BUT.....I've got homemade suppers for at least 6 or 7 meals (if its just me and KC) that won't spoil for at least a few months. YAY! That took me two hours and a lot of messy dishes. Thank God for automatic dishwashers. =) But now I can pull them out of the freezer and have supper on the table in about 30 minutes once we get home from work. WOOHOO. And because I never do anything without messing something up, I'll just insert here that I did forget to cook the veggies in the stuffed shells like the recipe said before I mixed them in with the cheese concoction, so I'm not sure how that will turn out.....but I guess we'll see. But overall....I think I'm happy with myself tonight.

Speaking of happy, I'm going to go finish that "happy list album" now.

Oh yeah, and right after I posted that last post, it started snowing like crazy....I it going to prove me wrong? Yeah....and then it stopped. And the little bit of ice that had piled up (maybe 1/4 inch) melted. The roads were even dry by this afternoon. How dumb. So its back to work tomorrow. =)


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