Saturday, December 02, 2006


Thats ALL i gotta say about that.

Some random items to note:

I'm exhausted. Got a load of laundry waiting to be folded on my bed and another one in the dryer. Got the scrapbook party stuff cleaned up and tomorrow's picture session stuff set up. Got 2 pages finished today and 2 more started....yay. The tent revival is through...tomorrow is services as usual. It was REALLY cold in the tent tonight. I hate dialup. This is why I don't post on the weekends. Yuck. I'm slowly going crazy (so what else is new). I'm going away now to do the going crazy thing.

Oh wait....almost forgot. I had an AWFUL nightmare last night. It was sooo so so real, and I HATE those. I'm not sure if it was b/c I am currently in the middle of that series of books about the Holocaust and all the things that were going on during that period of time or if it was the fact that I had a hot fudge sundae before bed...maybe both. It was terrible. I still remember vividly some parts of it, and those dreams that you remember hours and hours later are really bad.

I don't remember all the details but the first part that is stuck in my mind was we were up in the backwoods somewhere and it was me and this one guy that I know in real life that totally gives me the creeps, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's kid and we were in a car and for some reason, KC had left me there and was going to come back and get me....I was in the backseat and the creepy guy stuck his arm around me and I was incredibly scared and was screaming and pulling away from him and that must have flipped him off the deep end....blank spot of memory...but suddenly he's got the girlfriend's kid and is torturing him with a knife and cutting on him and all kinds of stuff in retaliation b/c I screamed when he put his arm around me and I'm screaming again and trying to get to the kid to get him away from the guy and someone is holding me back. Its kinda blank, but I'm pretty sure that it was the girlfriend b/c I remember thinking, are you CRAZY? Why are you doing this...why aren't YOU helping him, thats YOUR kid, lady!!!! And the guy is threatening to kill us all and I'm praying that KC comes back quick and then blank again. Next thing I know, we're in this car, KC is with us, and the girlfriend is driving and we're trying to follow the guy who has the kid with him and I'm hysterical and screaming at the girlfriend to get moving and try to catch him b/c she's not really acting concerned at all....then I wake up.....

I was sooo hot when I woke up...I actually got up and checked the thermostat to see if the temperature was set too was actually a couple degrees colder than normal....

Where in the world would a dream like that come from? Creeped me out completely. *shudder* I was afraid to go back to sleep b/c I knew it would continue if I feel back to sleep. Maybe its just delayed reaction from seeing all those terrible and sad pictures of the abused children that have gone through foster care, I don't know, but I do know this, if I see that guy in real life, I don't think I'll be able to get near him. That dream was TOO real.

I remember when I was a kid I had this dream (and still remember it) about being stuck in a hospital and my whole family was also stuck in the hospital and somehow I figured out that the hospital was like one of those physician assisted death places and all the people that they were giving shots to were dying and I was trying to warn my family and I didn't make it in time and then they stuck a needle in me and I felt myself passing out....and woke up. Then like a couple weeks later, we go in the pharmacy at Walmart to pick up medicine and the guy behind the counter in the white lab coat was HIM! The one who was giving the shots that was killing people. I hid behind mom (and I was a big enough kid that I could barely still do that.....) I remember steering clear of the pharmacy after that b/c I was scared to death of that guy. Weird. I don't remember what he looked like now, but I still look at the faces of the male pharmacy guys to make sure its not HIM....LOL. Crazy I know.

I'm going to go read a book now. Now last night's dream is fresh again and its almost time for bed....guess THAT was a bad idea. *sigh*

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  1. I can so relate to scary dreams, really. Some times I wake up and I can't tell what is real and what is not. Like reality is still a few blinks away. I tend to dream about the things that are heaviest on my mind, even when I have shoved them way back into the corners of my mind. Sometimes when we shove emotions and thoughts too far away, they will find ways to seep out – through unexpected anger, through unexpected tears, and through dreams. That is my experience anyways. When this happens I know I need to find some time in prayer (in the morning hours far away from sleeping time!) and try to sort through the emotions caused from the dream or might have been the cause of the dream. Of course, some dreams really are just random thoughts about nothing spurned off of a good ole hot fudge sundae!


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