Tuesday, December 05, 2006


its been a few days since I've posted....besides the fact that I've been terribly busy, I have been trying to keep from getting sick....the last part has finally caught up with me. I'm getting ready to go home...I shouldn't have even bothered coming to work today but as much trouble as it was to get it set up to get the little piece of the dashboard replaced, I didn't want to cancel that appt. but after I got to work and realized that I was now stuck without a vehicle and feeling totally rotten, I started kicking myself. My favorite thing to say about myself....and its too true....

That was dumb....oh well....I'm not known for my intelligence. LOL

*sigh* I hope this is just the flu and not a relapse of that mono stuff that I had a few years ago....it feels different than the flu and thats not a good sign. But my car is ready, so in 45 minutes mom is going to give us a ride over there to pick it up and then I'm letting CV drive us home (or at least to her house....hopefully I can make it home from there). *nother note to self regarding those alkaseltzer horse pills: when it says drowsiness may occur, thats a good sign that you shouldn't take them while you're supposed to be working* *sigh again*

I'll leave you with a lovely picture from Sunday's Photo Session....this is what I was doing last night. Whew...there was a lot. There's a couple more over on my photoblog.



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  1. Great pic girl. You did good. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate having a cold. YUCK!!!


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