Friday, December 15, 2006


If I didn't already know it, last night was hubby is the best in the whole wide world. Bless his heart....and he's stuck with me!!! Yesterday he knew I was having a bad day and he was home a little before me so he started a load of laundry for me, and by the time I got home, he had a frozen pizza heated up and waiting for me and when he finished eating, he even washed the PAN and put it AWAY!!!! Then he helped me fold some of the laundry before he went in and started doing his work for the office. WHOA! He's such a sweetie! I love him! How'd I get so lucky??? It was felt like I got a lot of the laundry caught up just by him giving me that head start, and then I had a little time to read a book and still got in bed by 9:30.

Oh here's something funny.....see this lovely mutilated tomato??? Yeah. Well. I have very quirky cats. I'm not sure who the culprit is, but I'm almost positive that its Jango. He definitely takes after his mother in quirkiness. LOL. Anyways, I forget about this particular character trait of my lovable little feline every single time. It never fails, I buy tomatoes, I rarely put them in the fridge, I set them on the counter til I get ready to cut them....and so I did that last night. Walked in about an hour after I set them there and found one of them looking like this....luckily he hadn't gotten to the other one yet. So it was put in the fridge. He's so strange. I'm surprised he didn't get more of this one since normally I find bits an pieces when he gets through.....he also likes to clean the spaghetti sauce off my plate (paper plates) when we eat s'getti....must be the tomatoes. Strange cat.
In other lovely new (to me) pilot had a noisy belt this week and I took it to the honda place yesterday to have them change the oil and tell me what the noise was.....walked out of there with a $1500 estimate to repair the air compressor assembly which was "going bad." And, it was 8 days past the 30 day warranty. NO! Not good, not good. Well, so I know the salesman dude is really great about workin with ya after the sale, so I call him and tell him what they said. He says, well, you're over the warranty, but if you bring it down here, and let our service center look at it tomorrow morning, we'll see what they say and if it needs to be done, we'll give ya a better price. So i take it in this morning.....Herbie (like the luv bug...LOL) pulls it in the shop and looks at it....tinkers around under the hood for a few minutes and then comes back out and says...."your air compressor clutch is fine. I don't know what they were talking about that was "going bad" but its fine. The squeaking was from the belt which is a little dried out, so I lubricated it and its quiet as a mouse now. Those belts will probably need to be replaced in the near future, b/c they are a little worn, but thats no big deal. They operate on commission over there and it looks like they were just trying to sell ya, but you're fine." Oh. Nice. Thats so lovely to know. So I tell Darren what Herbie said so that he'll know its fine and he was like...."thats IT? just a squeaky belt? and they told you that you needed to replace the whole assembly??" then he started laughing...."they just saw you were a pretty young girl and decided to take advantage of that. Well, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious though, but if you have any more problems, you call me." Anyways, thats pretty much what KC told me the last time they tried to take me for a ride on the tire thing on the other I told Darren that...and that I took it somewhere else that time, too. LOL. I'm all about second opinions. =)
Well anyways, its time for lunch....going with the girls today to Fatz. MMM.....might just make up for having to work late tonight. *sigh* or not. Oh well.
Gotta run.
PS Not that I'm countin, but today is 11 of no caffeine (well, except for that one little swig out of KC's drink when they messed up the drink order and he drank Dr. Pepper. I couldn't resist. LOL)

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