Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Meeting Blog Entry

So here we go again. Didn't have time yesterday to type this in, but here's yesterday's meeting notes....for what they're worth...LOL. I'm sure I'm the only one in the meeting with notes that didn't relate to the meeting (except when griping about the meeting length)....Haha....

Well, its another meeting blog entry. =) Seems like anymore, this is the only time I get to write (that I won't get in trouble for writing during...haha) a blog entry.

Anyways, news in my life right now....not a whole lot going on. We're still waiting on the foster parent was 4 weeks ago Tuesday that we signed the papers and agreements and stuff, and they said it takes 3-4 weeks to get put in the computer, so who knows. We're just waiting. Not that I'm getting cold feet, but I am getting a little anxious about it....kinda second guessing ourselves and the decision I guess. Is this the right thing? Are we sure? Do we REALLY want to do this? But then again, I've been doing that second guessing thing to myself a lot lately. For a person named Faith, I seem to be a little too "doubting Thomas"ish....LOL. *sigh* I'm very glad I have a wonderful husband to reassure me when I have severe "worry sessions." He's so good. Seriously! Honey, I couldn't survive without ya! =) *smiles*

Sheesh! It is COOKIN hot in here...I'm perspiring terribly bad. Turtleneck this morning wasn't such a great idea. Course, when I was hitting the snooze button for the third time while trying to reason with myself that I could still be ready in time if I cut out ironing by wearing a sweater....well, it seemed like a much better idea then. LOL.

Anyways, I was at lunch today, and I was picking up a to go plate at this cafeteria about five minutes from here, and I was getting ready to checkout and the girl asks me...hey do you work at ___??? I was like, uh,....yah? And she goes I thought so...I remember when you first got your hair cut over in the cosmetology dept, (apparently she was in the cosmetology program way back when) you were sooo afraid we were going to cut too much off....but its a lot shorter now than it was then! It looks good. Yikes! Its not really THAT much shorter! But thanks pointing that out. LOL. Anyways, I like it much better at this length....its way easier to take care of, and thank you very much its STILL LONG! Actually it needs trimming again, but I keep putting it off so it won't get any shorter till it grows back a little. *sigh* Oh well.

Hmm....sounds like the meeting is almost over! Woohooo! I'm still burning up though....ARGHHH. I think thats about all thats going on with me anyways, so....

URGH....well, I THOUGHT it was over. Think we just got an encore....aerlk;jjagjkkaewrlkk....noooo.....please....we're regurgitating it all back up again. come on, please let this be over!!!! I have doodled....blogged....wrote out a to-do list (a couple actually)....I'm running out of things to occupy myself with!!!! Come on...come on....Please! It's eight till 5....lets GO! I'll have to post this tomorrow. *sigh* At this rate, I won't even have time to shut down my computer before quitting time. *SIGH* ARGH....okay finally....its over. Walking out now.

PS....sometimes I really don't like meetings! *sigh*

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