Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Is Good

Even though I’ve been horrible at blogging it. LOL. So, since last post over a month ago, I’ve worked on the house, worked on photographing events and people, decided to homeschool our kids next year, taken a continuing education class on InDesign, read a few books, cooked a few meals, proctored end of grade testing at three different middle schools, and generally stayed extremely busy. Looking at my calendar just makes me a little dizzy.

Or maybe that’s the medication. Oh. Did I mention that yesterday, after like 8 years of mostly peaceful co-existence with my gallstones, they decided to stop the cease-fire and attack with a vengeance? They did. Woke me up at 1am and sent me to the bathroom puking. I thought it was just really bad heartburn at first, but the antacids didn’t even touch the pain. After about the third episode of getting way too friendly with the porcelain throne, I decided it might be a good idea to just go on to the ER. (Okay, it wasn’t exactly decided on my own, KC was pretty insistent, because we were both pretty sure it was those dratted gallstones acting up.)

And after I quit Dr. Pepper completely, too! SMH

Anywho, we got to the ER around 4am. After sitting in the miserably uncomfortable ER waiting room for 2.5 hours, during which I was forced into becoming uncomfortably and intimately acquainted with THEIR porcelain throne, and was reduced to silent tears at least twice, we were finally taken back to a room.

The doctor said it looked like my gallbladder and they would do an ultrasound to see what was happening. Then they ran the typical rounds of tests, and put an IV in my wrist for meds. Kudos to the nurses for hitting my poor dehydrated veins on the first try without having to dig around to find them. That’s happened to me before when I WAS hydrated prior to the sticks. Fun times.

Then they gave me some meds. Funner times. One for nausea…yay…no more hugging up on strange toilets! After that one, came an antibiotic and a pain-killer. I remember very little after that. I remember hearing voices talking, someone telling me to breathe, people saying I was sleeping (in which I wanted to say,no, I’m not, I can still hear you!…although I have no idea what else they said, just that they were talking a lot, so maybe I WAS sleeping), then I opened my eyes and KC wasn’t sitting beside me anymore and I had no idea how I got there, when I opened my eyes again, some nurse said she was going to do the ultrasound, then she told me to breathe a couple of times, then I opened my eyes and KC was next to me again and he was laughing.

Anyway, another day has passed since I started this post. It takes me multiple days to blog now…I have to pause for nap breaks every five minutes. 13403355_10209388197164533_7537523107819730237_o

I never did find out what KC was laughing at when I woke up in the ER in my last paragraph. He says he didn’t take embarrassing pictures but we’ll see. LOL. The nurse or doc or somebody came back in right as I was trying to wake up enough to find out what was so funny, and they were telling me that apparently, me being such a lightweight when it comes to pain meds, I went out super fast and relaxed so much that I stopped breathing and my oxygen dropped. Woops. And that explained why I woke up with the oxygen on my face and why people kept squeezing my feet and telling me to breathe.

So anyway, they wouldn’t do anything Sunday because it was Sunday. They said to call first thing on Monday morning, so we did. They first said I could come in for an appointment on Thursday morning to see if I needed surgery. I was like whoa there…I am stuck in zombie land because if I don’t take the pain meds it hurts like the devil, and I can’t be stuck in zombie land until THURSDAY just to be seen, much less waiting even longer for the surgery. Of course, I said it nicely. But anyway, they called back a few minutes later and said, Tuesday morning you’ll see the doc. Much better! Then this morning the doc checked me out and said we could do it anytime in the next couple of days. Naturally, KC and I were both like…today? We didn’t really think he’d say okay, but he did.

Anyways, I’ll have to come back again later. Meds are zombify-ing me again and I can’t think clearly.

Life is good!

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