Friday, February 05, 2016

Work In Progress

Wow. This semester is taking up major time! Between class time and working on all this other side stuff as part of classes….well, let’s just say everything that isn’t school is falling by the wayside.

Our house is a fantastic example. We just had a major bathroom overhaul of our guest bath, and not only have I not taken pictures of the finished project, I have also not cleaned up our poor house from all the construction mess. It’s still a work in progress.

Ironing. We won’t even go there. It’s just work…no progress. LOL.

Website…now there is a bit of progress. I’m working on creating actual galleries on my photography page…it’s still in progress, but at least something is happening. =) Now I need to do some work on this one. It’s not 2015 anymore…time to update.

But HEY…I’ve blogged, like, more than once this week…talk about PROGRESS! 

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