Friday, January 29, 2016


Apparently Windows Live Writer is no longer an up to date program so I’m trying out another program called Open Live Writer, which is pretty similar in looks and use. I’m just testing out how this does for posting images.

DogOnMyBed (1 of 1)

I have noticed there is no spell check in this one. LOL. Rut-roh. On the bright side, it doesn’t give me those angry, red, ziggy lines underneath my made-up words like “rut-roh.” LOL.

Guess what…I showed that picture up there on the big screen in class as one of my photographic style examples for my homework. And I got a “I don’t want to see dog pictures” from the teacher. LOL…Rut-roh again…I have a non-dog-lover teacher. This is bad. Bad.

I LOVE dog photography.

What if my business is dog photography?

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