Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My Achy (but not breaky) Hands

These two hands.....are so tired they can barely move.

They've vacuumed a car, sprayed and wiped the car interior, washed and dried car exterior,  scrubbed/dried/trimmed nails on two giant dogs, painted a concrete wall with dryloc (thick as molasses and equally difficult to spread), washed 4 loads of laundry, chemically treated a concrete floor to prep for paint, mopped those chemicals back up (×3), used a caulk gun to repair 8 miles of concrete crack (FELT LIKE 8 miles anyway--do you know how much hand strength a caulk gun requires?!?!), and cooked supper (so these hands could stuff my face)

.....and that's just the major bits.

My hands--and the rest of me--is ready to collapse right about now. :)

but first...i have to go change the laundry again. 


Where's the Advil?

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