Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blog Clean-up…

Yay for updated blog headers before halfway through the next year! =) LOL. I don’t know what my problem is…to be so on top of things like that. Hahahaha.

Speaking of cleanup, the old slow-mo computer is cleaned…it’s not completely wiped and fresh, because it’s so old and problematic that it won’t even let us completely reformat it…..BUT. It’s cleaner than it was…and running faster…so I can work with that until we get around to upgrading again.

And while I was updating and cleaning, I found the last four headers:
OH my. =)

headersummer2011 copyheaderwinter2012 copyheaderwinter2013 copyheaderwinter2014 copyheader2015 copy

Yes…I decided to revisit 2011’s design. =)

And look how the kids have grown….WOW. It doesn’t seem like 2011 was that long ago.

Anyway, this wraps up my gearing up for another year. Hope you’re more ready than I am…LOL!

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