Monday, June 23, 2014

Unpacking Time Again

Whew. Suitcase is going to be worn out by the end of this year. I took my first solo flight (solo, as in, flying with 150 strangers but no one I knew) last week. Yeah, I did it in spite of all the nerves. I drove myself to the airport in the big city, parked, rode the shuttle to the terminal, went through security, found my gate, boarded the plane, and rode five hours non-stop to San Diego. All by my lonesome self. Last Thursday. Go me.

Had an AWESOME trip. My bag is still awaiting my unpacking efforts, but at the moment I’m working on unloading all my pictures to my computer. Here’s one of my ride home. That was my lovely ride. Only the slightest bit bumpy. =)

I got back last night about 9:30 and got the kids and dogs and settled everybody back in. Nice to be back in business.

I got to see my aunt while I was out there, but unfortunately, I didn’t remember to get any good pictures of us, just this one of us on the tour bus with my phone. =(

I think I look a lot like this aunt…we both look very italian. My mom always said I looked more like her sister (I’m not sure what all origins but with a bit of indian ancestry) and my dad’s sister (italian) than I look like my mom and dad. LOL. Maybe someday I’ll find some pictures that show why she thought that. lol. Anyway, it was so fun to visit with her and tour San Diego. What a beautiful city! I’ve got lots of pics once I get them all sorted out.

Tomorrow I have Jury Duty, which is SO not nice business, but I’m hoping it’s short and sweet and I get dismissed. HOPEFULLY. I went to the library and got a big fat book, just in case—since I can’t have my electronics in the courtroom. BOO.

Anyway, after my beautiful relaxing weekend in San Diego, I’m feeling much more relaxed and back to my normal self (in case anyone picked up on my slight case of the blues in the last few posts), although physically, I’m still a little tired from the time change stuff and the long flight days.

Oh, and I finished re-doing my headphone cord with the awesome teal thread. They look so awesome…AND they match my sunglasses. Happy coincidences! =)

For anyone who wants a pair, I have tons of leftover thread, and I can fix you right up. For only a minimal fee. LOL. Actually, KC suggested I make a few sets and sell them…I should…for all the compliments/interest I get when I wear them. =) Hahaha.

Anyway, I’m off for tonight. Will hopefully return with pictures in a day or two. =)

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