Wednesday, October 02, 2013


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I am caught up on homework. Ahead even. Hallelujah. Life is crazy at the moment and my head is trying to tell me it’s too much crazy by pounding like an axe into a block of wood. Totally an accurate comparison (blockhead=me). LOL. So true. But I could do without the splitting, although truthfully, even with a splitting head, I can’t complain. There are too many people I know personally with much bigger problems than a headache. So it’s all good.

Shot in Camera RAW and Manual mode today in class—two things that always really intimidated me before this class. I’m totally proud of myself. (although by no means am I going to let my head get too big—pride still goes before a fall…lol)

Our new house is progressing nicely (even if it does feel really slow because I just want it done already). The previous owners left us this beautimous old 1920’s player piano (probably because it weighed a few tons, was grossly out of tune, and would have to be restored to working condition again). We let it sit there for a few weeks, I called a couple of piano places to see if it was worth anything (they didn’t seem to think so), but anyway, KC arranged to get it gone and it was picked up today. One more thing off the list. 

Wallpaper removal is another one that is slowly getting done. Here’s an “in progress” shot…the left side has been removed and there’s a section on the right that you can sort of see the old wallpaper. This hallway is now wallpaper-less (both the wall AND floor, lol) and we’re down to one room (a bathroom) that still needs de-wallpapering. Closer than we were but not as close as I’d like to be. I really wanted to work today but my head is not working with me on that. 

When I left today, the crew was pouring concrete around the drain for the tile shower in the master bath. I can’t wait to get after pictures….it is going to look fan-TAS-tic!

I really really need to put this headache aside and go back over and do something small (like pulling staples out of the carpet padding in preparation for carpet removal) just so I can feel like I did something today. But it’s almost time for the hubby to get home from work and then I’ll have to feed the masses and get everybody out the door for church, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Moving on…lots to get done. _MG_5054

Have I mentioned that I have a FOURTH grader now? This kiddo gets to go on the overnight fourth grade field trip to the outer banks this year. I say that because one more thing on tomorrow’s to-do list is to go to the parent meeting for the trip planning.

I also have a second grader. I was a horrible, horrible mom this year and didn’t take first day of school pics. I meant to go back and do it on the _MG_5074second day….never happened. *sigh* Guess this year will just be a no-go on that. =( I still might stage it and pretend it was the first day…haha.

Something that really puzzles me though is that the fourth grader has pretty much NO homework, and the second grader has nightly homework that takes at least 30 minutes every night.

And now for a rapid change of subject…I think I broke my once a month record of posting. HA!

And just because I really like pictures right now, I’m going to leave on one. =)


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  1. Nice pictures friend! And in RAW/Manual mode! Awesome! I did pretty good when I took that online class, but I felt "safe" b/c I had instructor giving us tip by tip on the best way to do it. And b/c once I was out of class and on my own, I still felt intimidated that I went back to partial manual. Practice makes perfect though, so keep practicing in manual mode! :) I need to practice what I preach. Bridget said she was self-taught and just kept working at it until that is ALL she will shoot in. Anywho...Love those scenic pics. Great shots.


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