Thursday, April 04, 2013


I know. I keep starting every post with apologies for my absences. LOL. 

It has been SO busy, and the to-do list is still not all completed. I’m not sure if Spring Break has helped or hurt my crazy schedule. LOL.

The house has shown twice now. Once yesterday, once today. Guess we’ll see what happens. The house is sparkling though, and everything but the yard sale closet looks reasonably organized and neat. I’m loving that! We got the yard mulched last weekend, so even the yard looks great. I ordered the official signage today, but I’m wondering if they will even be necessary with the amount of interest in the house so far. LOL. We’ll see. I sort of have mixed feelings because I like our house—it’s just excessive. *sigh*

I really need to do some homework and take advantage of spring break by getting caught up, but wow, I’ve just not had time to really think about it.

My concentration is totally sapped…even for something as simple as blogging. So goodnight. =)

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