Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

The old man is…..um…well, he’s not snoring yet, it’s only seven. But in about 2.5 hours, he probably will be. JUST KIDDING, KC….you’re not the old man. *grin* Just older than me.  =) 2013-03-05 15.08.55

Speaking of aging….I got a sweet card in the mail today for my next getting old day.  I have wonderful family members, thanks, Aunt E and Uncle D. =) It was so nice of you guys to think about me. Love you both! =)

Apologies in advance for random and abrupt subject changes.  Blogging in a hurry does this to me.

So anyway, I take back what I said about KC not snoring yet…he just announced that it was naptime…I’m sure the snoring will commence shortly. Teehehe.

I really need to hop off here and study but I realized today that it’s been a week again since I blogged last and I know if I don’t get on and do it, it will be another week before I even realize it.  *sigh*  Time is really going by WAY too fast these days.

On the topic of studying, the semester is half over, first test in Art is tomorrow. The absentminded professor did a review yesterday and told us pretty much everything we need to know for the test. I won’t even say how he did that, or what he said, just that it seemed a little wrong. I’m pretty sure I will get really close to 100 on the test. Bless it. And also, in that class, now that we’ve reached the halfway point, like half the class has dropped out, including one of those people that I think of as an EGR (extra grace required). I didn’t cry about that, let me tell ya…I might have even said a “hallelujah.” Haha. These days I feel like I’m running short on grace anyway and don’t have much extra to spare.

The next thing I have to think about is a topic for my next essay, and it has to be argumentative. Some people might think this would be easy for me, but I really don’t LIKE to argue. LOL. I’m coming up short on ideas because we’re not supposed to write on big topics, and I really don’t want to do a whole lot of research until I absolutely have to (on the final paper), so I’m trying to think of a small easy to argue topic. Like maybe chocolate. =) Mmm…chocolate. 

Great. Now I’m hungry. But I shouldn’t be, because I fixed a huge supper and I’m really full. I made baked mashed potatoes (that were 5 star good…wow), creamed corn casserole, and rolls. How can chocolate still make my mouth water after stuffing all that in my belly?

While we’re talking about chocolate and making my mouth water though, I should say that I have tested out two different Dr. Pepper chocolate cake recipes (I mean, why not combine addictive substances, right?) in preparation for my birthday.  Here’s one of them: 

The other one, not pictured, was cupcakes, and they were delish, too.

My scale hates me. The other day when I got on it, it flashed a warning. It said LO…which I’m pretty sure means, lower your intake lady!  Or maybe low battery. I’m pretty sure it meant low battery….I think I’ll go eat the last piece of cake now.  LOL.

Speaking of things hating me…well…my car doesn’t love me right now either. I did stupid the other day and wasn’t paying attention. I won’t even say what my stupid moment was…just that it could have been a lot worse. LOL. 

ANDDDDD…that’s it for the weekly update. =)  Night! =)

Oh wait…one more thing: My color wheel for art class…isn’t it the coolest? I got called an overachiever by a classmate, but I can’t help it…it’s just too much fun to do it half-heartedly.

I wish I could say the idea was all mine, but alas, I saw it on pinterest. However, I did freehand draw it my very own self, which is why some of the spaces are different widths.  Ah well, gives it character. =) I love it anyway.

Now…goodnight. For real this time.=)

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    Dr. Pepper Chocolate cake? Oh my.


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