Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Macaroni–Part 2

Well, I’m back. Took me longer than I expected, but here I am. =) I feel like I need to wash my ears out…those “extra grace required” individuals didn’t drop out of class like I thought they did a few weeks ago. Last class, I made the mistake of being too transparent and letting a “look” cross my face for just a second, and when I was asked about it, I just asked if they knew any other words. Bad idea sometimes, to say what you’re thinking. So today, they came in with an agenda. I went in with my poker face and ignored all of their rudeness, but ew... I have a pretty high tolerance for a lot of things that I don’t agree with, but when every sentence for an entire hour contains more vulgar words than the point words of the sentence, it’s way over the top. UGH. I could say so much more, but I don’t want to sound like I’m being all judgmental, because I’m not. Anyway.

Back to where I left off the other day.

Okay, so I forgot to mention that the brackets DID go back up on the wall with no problems and seem to be as sturdy as ever. (Thank the Lord for the little things, right?!)  And then when I got back from painting at my friends house, I took a 20 minute siesta before jumping back into the pile of closet junk. Late nights and early mornings just caught up with me. LOL.

Went through all the closet stuff and reorganized it all…got rid of some junk…had to re-iron all of KC’s shirts that had gotten wrinkled in the bathtub (oops), hung everything back up…wowza….it was a job.

And yes, I was anal and color coded the hangers. Some of the clothes may have also been hung back in shades from light to dark. lololol

2013-03-20 14.12.382013-03-20 14.13.20 

As much as I tried to have it all finished Tuesday night, I didn’t get it all done until right before KC got home on Wednesday. I had to stop working on the closet about 8pm Tuesday night because I had to get my neglected homework finished before Wednesday morning’s class, but by the time I finished my homework, it was nearly midnight again. Then I had to get up early so I could go into the school early to finish working on my paper before class. It’s not due for another week, but I knew I was going to be missing class today because Munchkin was getting a good citizen award at school, and my instructor is out on Monday, and then the next class my essay will be due, so I wanted to have it close enough to done that I could run it past the instructor and make sure I had enough time to make any major changes if necessary before it was due.

Thankfully, it’s pretty close to good enough, so I just have to make a few minor changes and collect/print all the source pages and drafts to turn in. *whew*

I’m probably a nerd, but I actually like school and learning, even if some of it is stuff I already knew a little about…lol. I could totally do without the EGR people but I guess that comes with the territory anytime you’re dealing with the public. Ah well.

Now…I have an hour before the kiddos get off the bus, so I’m gonna take another little siesta. I worked my tail off at the beginning of the week, so I’m rewarding myself now. =) =) lol


  1. Please tell me what you think...but keep it spam free and friendly, or it will be deleted. Thanks! =)

    But what if what I think is neither spam free or friendly? Is my opinion only welcomed if it meets your terms?

    Ha! J/K!

    Sounds like you're in the trenches of school! I learned quickly that evening classes include less EGR students, but I know day classes meet your schedule better.

    Best of luck. Learning can be fun. Maybe that's why I keep going.

  2. Sorry those individuals had to go and have an extra agenda for your unfortunate ears. :( ON the bright side, as classes go on, may your light shine. Ya just never know how your example can change a life. :) You sure have a way of staying busy girl! More power to you! Drink more Dr. P. :)


Please tell me what you think...but keep it spam free and friendly, or it will be deleted. Thanks! =)