Friday, March 08, 2013



Is the last photo taken with my lovely little phone. 

And unless whoever stole it gets an attack of conscience, and turns it in to lost and found…it will remain the last photo taken with my lovely little phone. 

I am SOO bummed. Nothing like a little theft to make you feel violated. The nice manager at T-mobile locked the stolen phone so that even I can’t use it (IF I were to find it) without taking it in to the store and having the lock removed. They also said that the top places for phones to be stolen are school and bars and that most of the time, they’re stolen for the phone, not for the information in it, so chances are, everything I care about is safe, but it’s just the thought.

I’m really not even sure when it disappeared because I had it while I was waiting for my second class, and when it was time to go into the second class, I’m almost sure that I double-checked the bench behind me when I got up, before I went into class, and that nothing was left laying there. I realized it was gone about halfway through the class, so I must have left it on the bench right outside the class no longer than 30 minutes…but if I didn’t leave it on the bench, then someone snitched it right under my nose in class, which is an equally awful theory. Whatever the case, I had it before class, and in less than an hour I was minus a phone. 

In my favor, it was the class day that was just working on sketchbooks, not lecture, so I was able to get up and look for it immediately, and then when I couldn’t find it, the instructor said it was fine to leave early. I even borrowed a phone to call it, and it went straight to voicemail, so it was obviously turned off after it was picked up, which supports the theory that it was stolen simply for a phone to resell, not for anything on the phone.

Or else (conspiracy theory here), someone in my class hates my guts for some reason and stole it and then turned it off so when I tried to call it, it wouldn’t alert me to the fact that it was buzzing in their pocket…hopefully THAT isn’t the case (although I won’t lie, it did cross my mind—obviously, or I wouldn’t have mentioned it, right?! LOL)

So the missing phone is hopefully locked tight and I have a loaner phone with my same number until I decide what to do about another phone. I figure I’ll give it the weekend to see if it gets turned into lost and found when they realize it can’t be used, and if it doesn’t, I’ll just turn it in on my insurance (which is the other bright thing – I didn’t remember getting the insurance on the phone, but I guess it’s a good thing I did!) and get a replacement.

I’ve changed all my passwords and kicked my mobile phone off of all the apps connected to it, so hopefully if there was a chance that it was stolen for info, they won’t get any. I’m just bummed because all the pics I had on there are gone and I lost all my contact numbers…I think everything else was replaceable. 

GRRRR. Just needed to vent. Anyway, I have no phone numbers now, so if no one hears from me for a long time….that could be why. I’m on a loaner phone at the moment, and it’s got my number in it, so I can get texts, but I’m not going to know who you are if you do text me (unless you tell me…lol), and I won’t be able to keep the info. *sigh* 

Kind of a stinky day. I’m hoping it gets better. =/  If not, I may have to hit the bottle AGAIN. =) 


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Sorry to hear about your phone :(

  2. Aw....That stinks!! I lost my phone a couple weeks ago, but that is nothing new. Now I have this rinky dink old phone that has an ANTENNA! Yeah, its bad :b I thank my old one is in Morgans car Anywho, at least you have insurance! Its always nice when God works out the stinky things :)


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