Monday, March 11, 2013

Alrighty Then

So far I’ve unsuccessfully tried to use my old passwords to get into all the things I changed to new passwords after my phone was stolen at least 10 times already. 

Open a webpage, whiz out the numbers and letters on the keyboard, hit enter----username or password is incorrect, please try again.

Oh yeah.

SOOOO anyway.

I went to class today and was talking to another girl in class and we were comparing our woes and that same morning my phone was stolen, she was wrecking her car, which is definitely more disastrous than a stolen phone, so that put things a little more in perspective for me. LOL. Even though, WITH insurance, I still had to pay $90 to get a replacement phone, which really stinks but beats having to pay off the balance on the old phone and buying another one…and I’m still sad about losing all the pictures and stuff on my old phone, but all that is better than wrecking the car or having the car stolen. (And the husband says “Amen” lol)

Yeah. So there’s that. And the waitress at Olive Garden refused to let me taste the wine because I was “under 21” and fell all over herself apologizing when I told her that, “no, actually I’m thirty TODAY, but really, it’s okay…I LOVE that you thought I was under 21.” 

Then KC threw a small party for me on Saturday with a few friends and even one Ohio friend brought her hubby and kids down and surprised me. It was great. The pizza dough we made the previous Saturday turned out beautifully on the grill. Sheesh, I was SICK of pizza dough by the time we finished making it, and I wasn’t even sure if it would taste good, because every batch seemed to act differently between the time it took to mix it, let it rise, punch it down, stretch it out, and then bake it. WHEW.

I didn’t take any pictures because I was so busy trying to be a good hostess, but one of my buds brought her camera and passed on a few of her pics (love you, J) so I can show you a few shots. =)

Before I forget, credit where credit is due:
All photos by Jules Photography. Thanks again, girl! =). 
The awesome cake and cupcakes (the ones with icing) were made by one of KC’s coworkers.
The other awesome cake: Dr Pepper/Reeses cake was made by Jules of Jules Photography. 
And the grilled personal pizzas idea came from another amazing friend, Leah. 


I look good for 90, huh? =)

I’m sure you couldn’t tell, but I pink puffy heart Dr. Pepper. LOL. Anyway, it was a lot of fun…

I’d say I don’t feel any older, but then the time change happened on the weekend of my birthday, something that I don’t remember happening before, and it is REALLY throwing me for a loop. 

Plus we’re in revival at church this week (which has been awesome so far) so between that and the time change….well, I’m sort of feeling older than thirty. LOL

Right now, I have more I could talk about but I am extremely tired and feel like I have sand under my eyes, so it’s off to bed I go.

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi hooooo. =)


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I hope you had a great birthday :)

  2. Fun times...even if we are getting older and can actually feel it. lol


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