Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where Am I?

So what happened to February?  I feel like it left my head spinning, and I am doing a terrible job at blogging more frequently. 

Classes are going fine. Semester is almost half over already…doesn’t seem possible.  I am getting really frustrated with the scheduling between my school and the kids school.  If it wasn’t for my wonderful mom and dad, I’d have missed quite a few classes because of weird school cancellations and teacher workdays. Today was the first day that one of the goofy delays was on a day that didn’t interfere with my classes. The temperature was hanging right around freezing, and it was raining pretty good all morning, but the roads were fine.  It didn’t seem worth a three hour delay, but neither did the last few.  I think they need to separate the county into high elevation and low elevation zones so that we won’t get penalized every time high elevation gets snow or ice. It’s frustrating, but thank goodness my parents keep coming to my rescue.  They’re awesome like that. 

I’ve been sick this past week, sinus and head cold stuff…I keep thinking I’m shaking it off and then my head hurts again.  Grr…could always be worse though, so I’m not going to complain about it. 

The hospice patient I visited for over a year passed away last week. I haven’t visited for a month or so because she was released from hospice due to improvement and I wasn’t her volunteer anymore.  I was going to call and check in on her anyway but then I found out she had taken a sudden decline, was put back in hospice, and then was gone a few days later.  Sad.  I haven’t taken any new patient assignments yet, but I may, once I find some free time again. 

I have a droid tablet now…a hand me down from the hubby.  I’ve been playing like a little kid in the evenings after I put the actual kids to bed. LOL.  I am loving having my English book on a tablet that is big enough to read easily.  Haha. 

Thirty is just around the corner.  EEEEK.  KC talked me into a 30th party, but I really don’t love being the center of attention so I’m trying to keep it small. He was all like Karaoke, party games, large crowd, a DJ….and I’m like…oh my stars NO!  Too much.  I’m trying to keep the guest list small which is really difficult since I’d love to invite everybody. #firstworldproblem but hopefully everyone will understand.  *sigh*  On the bright side, I’m getting a dr pepper cake.  =)  I was going to make it, but KC refused to let me make my own cake. LOL.

Speaking of making, it’s time to make supper, so I should hop off.  Later.

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