Thursday, November 22, 2012


No, this post has nothing to do with Snickerdoodles.  I was just trying to balance out the bitter previous title.  ROFL. 

I’m such a nerd.  Case in point…wanna know what made me laugh today?  I googled the word “askew” (if you’re a nerd like me, you might laugh, too….lol). 

Anyway, I’m so tired, but I wanted to come blog quickly before more days pass me by.  =) 

Thanksgiving was delightful…we hit up the Golden Corral because I didn’t feel like cooking or cleaning up and neither did my mom.  LOL.  It was great.  And then I had desserts to make for tomorrow, so I had to cook and clean up some after all.  Oh well…at least it wasn’t all the dishes for turkey and stuffing and potatoes and all the delish stuff we got at the GC today.  =)  When we got in line to eat today, I looked at all the food on the bar and thought of the day we helped feed the mass of kids in the mission feeding program on our mission trip over the summer.  Rice and beans served out of five gallon buckets with a small chunk of bread on the side.  When the first row of kids finished, their plates were rinsed off and reloaded for the next set.  And that was the only meal some of them get every day.  Just made me WAY more thankful for the sanitized plates and silverware and massive variety of tasty food on the menu.  AND for not having to wash the dishes.  (sorry…I can’t seem to keep my tongue out of my cheek for very long at a time….lol)

Anyway, in spite of trying to avoid work today, I came back home and still got conned into trimming the bushes in front of the house and baking and cleaning up and doing laundry and giving the dogs a bath…and…well, okay, I only got conned into the bushes part….and I don’t care what KC says, he tricked me.  LOL.  He said he had an alternative to baking and I agreed, then he told me what it was.  Alternative mean INSTEAD OF, not in addition to….lol.  Conned. 

Anyway, I just noticed I use the word “anyway” a lot.  =( 

So, now, even though I’ve got other stuff I probably should do in the last little while before bedtime, we’re going to chill for a bit and watch October Baby…I’ve heard it’s good.  Hopefully I can stay awake long enough. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. LOL. I'm not sure what kind of aftertaste a Snickerdoodle would have after having horseradish. hehe. You totally got conned but you have to admit, it was funny. I'm sure you'll get him back. Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving.

    1. LOL, I'm sure my turn will come to get him back, but in the meantime, I'm not going to let him forget it...hah. And thanks, hope your thanksgiving was good, too! =)

  2. I enjoyed October Baby, did you? Very good. I believe I cried.

    1. I didn't cry, but I probably could was good.


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