Sunday, November 18, 2012


I’ve found a new favorite author…he suits my randomness, SO well.  I picked up one of his books in the children’s section of the library the other day.  It’s called Horseradish (bitter truths You can’t Avoid).  It’s a weird book, and not like a story but more like random quotes, and I was laughing every few pages.  I can’t see it as a kids book though. 

“Perhaps if we saw what was ahead of us, and glimpsed the crimes, follies, and misfortunes that would befall us later on, we would all stay in our mother’s wombs, and then there would be nobody in the world but a great number of very fat, very irritated women.”

See what I mean? 

Anyway, it’s by the dude who did A Series of Unfortunate Events (which doesn’t really seem child appropriate either, but who am I?) and even his name (or maybe just the name he writes under) is funny.  Lemony Snicket makes me snicker. ;-)  I’m weird, it’s okay.

“If you try to avoid every instance of peer pressure, you will end up without any peers whatsoever, and the trick is to succumb to enough pressure that you do not drive your peers away, but not so much that you end up in a situation in which you are dead or otherwise uncomfortable.  This is a difficult trick, and most people never master it, and end up dead or uncomfortable at least once during their lives.”


Anyway, figured it would make an appropriate post for my blog, since it so fits my style of randomness. 

Life has been busy and hectic and everything else, which makes it really hard to catch up when I try to come back and blog it, so maybe a bullet list:

  • Traded vehicles again.  Went Rogue last time and now decided to just live on the Edge.  Seems to be a much better fit so far, but it has a little glitch in the driver door and the computer thinks its open and it takes a few times open and shut to get it to recognize it’s closed.  Somewhat embarrassing in crowded parking lots.  Getting it fixed this week.  Love warranties.  Haha. 
  • Went to a friend’s birthday dinner…enjoyed catching up…and then took pictures of their family on Saturday.  Enjoyed that, too! =)  (they’re the family with two boys on the photo blog post)
  • Registered for classes in Spring.  I was so disappointed because I was hoping to get in a photography class, but the only ones offered in spring require pre-reqs that were only offered in the fall, so I missed it.  BUMMER.  I’m in boring classes for spring but we’ll get through it.  =)  At least I’m doing something. 
  • Took pics of my other friend (the one with the baby) and loved doing that even though it was cold. 
  • Church
  • Still walking in the mornings with my buddies up in town…doing almost 3 miles anywhere from 1-5 days a week.  Yay!
  • Laundry….it gets on EVERY list.  YUCK.  LOL. 
  • And now it’s time for church again.  Later ya’ll!


  1. Anonymous3:06 AM

    you have a Happy Thanksgiving too Faith...and you best sign up on next CT call. There is always a slot for you.

  2. A better late than never comment. I'm in a writing course with the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) on blogging and the teacher asked us to look at blogs on things other than writing that we're passionate about. Since I consider myself passionate about horseradish, I entered horseradish blog and found this. I enjoyed the blog, and will sign up for it.

    Have a blessed day.

    Jeff Reynolds


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