Monday, September 24, 2012

Writer Wanna-Be

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s noticed my own lack of energy and time for blogging lately.  It seems like when I actually get the time, sleep is more important….and the rest of the time, I’m blogging in my head while I’m doing other things and don’t have opportunity (and occasionally the guts) to post it.  And of course, my working memory is constantly full, so the things that I think could be worth blogging never, ever, ever stick in my head long enough to come out when I sit down and start writing. 

I wish I knew how to fix that.  My memory used to be awesome.  I know this, because I was reading back in one of my journals awhile back, and it seems that I only found time to write them about once every couple months, and I always had a huge long list of the things that had happened since the last time I wrote.  And not just things that happened, I had huge run-on sentences about who I had been mad at, why I was mad at them, how I felt about it, who I liked (and in some years, there had been more than one “who” between entries, and I remembered and listed EACH of them along with reasons and detailed examples of why I decided to not like them anymore).  Then, there was the list of who liked who, who got married, what I thought about it, who died, who was being a jerk…oh my.  It just keeps on going.  At one point I thought it would be cool to copy random journal entries from “this day in history,” then I read those journal entries and wisdom prevailed.

Thankfully, my horizons have broadened since the journal writing days.  I don’t know if anyone else read the Harriet the Spy books way back in the day, but I think I must have adapted my journal skills from her…the battle is breaking that habit of reporting and doing some real writing. 

Now if I only knew what “real” writing was, and if I could remember it long enough to post it.


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    As most writers like to say, Butt in Chair and Hands on Keyboard is one of the hardest things to do.

  2. Ah! Harriet the Spy! :D Me and Morgan used to get that on CD @ the library and every time we would get it, we would forget that it had cuss word in it :( So we would take it back, then forget and get it again :)Oh yeah, and btw I feel like an alien trying to get through your little code thing here.....I can never get right ;b

  3. I love that you kept a journal growing up. I owned one but was never consistent with it- not surprising, huh? :)


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