Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Slow Drain

I was SOO motivated last week.  Key word in that sentence is “was” (in case you missed that).  I’m trying to stay motivated, but it seems to be slowly draining.  On the flip side, my self-control has popped in for a few visits (although it never shows up when I start craving Dr. Pepper), and I’ve crunched off all those brownies from a couple of weeks ago.  Now if I could just get self-control and motivation to stick around permanently, it would be perfect. 

My to-do list last week was 16 items long, and 14 got crossed off (and they weren’t simple items like “take out the trash” either…I’m talking about long jobs like “clean out and re-organize Munchkin’s room”).  This week’s to-do list is 5 items long.  I’m not even motivated enough to write down the things that need to be done.  =) 

Hello?  Motivation?  A kick in the rear, if you please?

While I’m waiting on that kick, here’s one of the to-do list items I checked off last week.  It took days and days of working on this (although it looks like it would be simple enough) but it was fun, and it’s finally finished and a printed book is on order. They’re having a great sale right now on photo books in case you have already made some and have just been waiting on a sale to order.  I don’t recommend trying to start one from scratch to finish by tomorrow because if you do it right, you’ll never finish it by the deadline, but maybe that only applies to people like me.  LOL.  Anyway: the book:

Visit Shutterfly.com to create your own personalized photobook.

Also, I updated the blogs this morning.  Now they’re all nice and fresh and cleaned up.  Because housekeeping and remodeling, it’s not just for the house.  There were quite a few blogs in my link lists over there that have been collecting dust for a few years now and it was just time for a vacuum. =)  And I’ve got a rumble in my head to do new headers, too, but not today.  Today, I must get my bum off this seat and go put some chicken in the crockpot.  =)

PS Kelby, in answer to your comment on last post, yep, I’m sure that energetic kid in #9 was definitely you…you and your sister were the only ones I ever liked to keep around, lol.  I didn’t read all that post when I was linking, so that made me laugh again when I saw your comment and went back and read it closer.  LOL. 

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  1. You lightened up your blog! Looks good friend! :)

    If you find some motivation, send some my way would ya?

    The photo book looks AWESOME! You're seriously creative.


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