Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blah Blah

Last week I was super productive and on a roll…this week, feels like my wheels all got stuck in the mud.  Must be all this rain.  I’m not kidding, it’s been gully washers for days now. 

I don’t have to water my (pitifully dying) garden though.  There’s always a plus.  =) 

Also last week, I was in the mood to chat.  This week, I know I should get on and blog, but I’m honestly forcing myself to do it.  Sometimes that generates the longest rambles, though.  LOL. 

Where are we at…let’s see…I’ve been over at Mom and Dad’s every day helping try to get their house ready to move in…it’s getting closer.  Their old house is under contract so they’ll have to get a move on with the new place.  Dad is wearing himself out…I don’t know how he’s doing it, working every morning until time for his second shift job and then working all night.  I’m sure they’re more ready than I am to get settle in there though.  *grin* 

School…let’s see…I haven’t talked about it that much, but it’s been on my mind to go back and get an associates in photography and/or graphic arts for awhile now, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if I’d actually go through with it or not.  Anyway, I’m now registered and all transcripts are requested/submitted, so all that’s left is just waiting for the Spring semester to open up.  It’s going to be really slow going, since home and kids are my first priority and I won’t be able to take more than one or two classes each semester while the kids are in school, but it’s better than what I’ve been doing, which is nothing.  KC is super supportive (love that man) and I’m sure I’ll get the chance to support him back when he gets around to the next part of his education.  =) 

K-man’s seventh birthday is coming up…it’s his year for the family party, and he’s asked for cupcakes.  Beyblade cupcakes, which I have NO earthly idea how to pull off.  SO…I’m contemplating pretending I never heard that request and doing something like cupcake targets instead…that should be easy…white icing with red and black circles for the bullseye.  All he talks about these days is getting a bow and arrow, so I’m sure he wouldn’t be (too) upset about not getting beyblade cupcakes.  Maybe? 

Both kids seem to be having a harder time with school…I just got the first half semester reports and neither one of them are making great grades.  I’m not sure what’s going on with Munchkin, since she’s always done really well, unless perhaps its got something to do with a lack of responsibility (not turning in papers, not completing work, or whatnot) since now that she’s in third, the teachers put more responsibility on the students and I know less about what’s going on and therefore can’t nag to make sure things get done.  K-man is trying, he’s just a little behind, and we’re working really hard to make sure he keeps up.  It’s easier with him, because all the requirements are sent home for the parents to help, so I know exactly what’s going on and what needs to get done every week.  I’m just hoping and praying that they’ll pick it up and get better as the school year goes on.  *sigh* 

Well, this is just a sampling of what’s been in my brain this week…I think the post is long enough now, I’m gonna call it quits.  =)  Thanks for bearing with me.  =)

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  1. That's so cool about going back to college. I thought you were out of the 'photography' mood so I wouldn't have guessed that was where you were headed. If you want some 'practice'... I'll be glad to hit you up for a photo session. ;) ;)

    Bummer about the kids' school grades. That makes me sad. We wrestled with my sweet Chris through kindergarten the entire time we had him. Academics was such a struggle for him. Hopefully your kids are just going through a phase and they'll bounce back soon.


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