Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rolling On…

Wow…it’s already Wednesday.  I miss the days when time moved slower.  The kids are already on their third day of school and I missed the first day photo.  I figure I’ll grab one from the first week and it’ll be good enough, but if I don’t get a move on, the first week will be gone and I won’t get anything.  Wouldn’t be the first time I procrastinated and missed something, but I’ll try to NOT let that happen. 

So…I’m slowly getting back into gear…I’ve got to get moving and get some things done while the kids are in school.  I need to make my list because without a list, it’s really easy to just go back to bed.  Hahaha. 

I didn’t have a list today, but I had a visit with my hospice patient, and she and her family member were in the mood to chat today, so by time I got back home, it was past the point of going back to bed.  LOL.  That was good, though, because I had a pile of ironing that has been stacking up for two weeks now (oops) and a giant bag of peppers that needed to be prepped and frozen for future use before they went rotten with the rest of the garden.  Yep, the garden is also on my to-do list.  I started cleaning it up a couple of days ago (hence the bag of peppers saved from the pepper plant branches that were being chopped off because they were so overloaded the plants were falling over in spite of being tied to stakes) but it’s not finished.  It’s what happens when you travel a lot over the summer and don’t keep up with maintenance.  My beautiful tomatoes are pitiful and so are my herbs.  The cucumber died a few weeks ago from exposure to deck cleaner so it was pretty easy to clean up since there was virtually nothing left except a few shriveled vines and a couple of rotten cukes.  *sigh*  And there ya have it…no matter how lofty my intentions toward growing our own food…in a tame and NOT wild manner….it seems to always end up the same.  Ah well.  I do seem to get a little MORE off of it before it ends up there every year, so progress is progress. 

How did I ramble off on to that anyway?  What I was REALLY going to say is that when you chop jalapenos for a couple of hours, your fingers will feel really hot and then they will feel better and you will forget that you chopped jalapenos for a couple of hours….until you are biting your cuticles and rubbing IMG_2599ewebat a bump on your lip.  And then….HOT LIPS! 

Anywho, so back to this past weekend, which I never got around to blogging since I was busy working on the Haiti pics/post.  We decided to go back down to KC’s cousins’ at the lake near Atlanta for one last hurrah before the kids went back to school…as usual, it was a blast!  J taught the kids how to kneeboard and they adored it (and him).  LOL.  They did really good though, I was totally impressed with how good they did.  I took a turn on it, too, but no pictures of that…haha.  I impressed myself because I was able to get up on it first try. IMG_2589eweb

This other picture is of one of IMG_2616ewebtheir dogs, Rex.  I thought it was so funny because he looks a LOT like the dog at the mission in Haiti.  We all called the mission dog, “Sparky” even though that wasn’t his name, but it was really funny.  Maybe you just had to be there.  LOL. 

Random subject change: K-man was praying tonight at bedtime (as usual) and the end of his prayer went like this: “and help all the people who are sick to get band-aids. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.” 

Because as all six year olds know, band-aids are the cure for every sickness.  =)  Yes, I was guilty of smiling.  He was so sincere.  If only band-aids DID make everything better.  In my defense, I tried to keep a straight face.  I don’t think it worked though, because when I prayed, my voice wobbled a little and I paused a few times from trying not to laugh, and I got a whispered question in one of those pauses (also very sincerely) “Momma? Why are you pray-laughing?????”

Oops.  Sorry, honey…you caught me.  LOL. 

Random subject change again (cause that’s how I’m rolling tonight): Is it just me or is it like, barely more than 4 months till Christmas?  ACKKKKKKKK!

I’m not even going to apologize for this crazy post…although I probably should.  LOL. 

But I’m going to bed now.  Jalapeno Hands, over and out. ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Oh, Jalapeno Hands, Loved your post! K-man is good. Love Nonna

  2. Wow I don't even want to think about Christmas!! I still haven't finished last years school year! My sister is getting married NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! AHHHHH! Thanks for the reminder that life is too short! LOL! Love You!

  3. I literally laughed out loud. "pray-laughing" Children are so funny. I can just see him.


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