Friday, July 06, 2012

Wildlife Stinks

So evidently, it’s a Red Velvet Ant epidemic year…two more were killed here on Wednesday, and today I discovered the male version, which has wings.  It also died, a horrific, grinding death.  Thankfully, it died without stinging me.  And then another one was spotted, but it got away.  NOT COOL!  I’m now paranoid of walking through the yard. 

And last night, I went out to walk the dogs…and I only stepped out on the concrete patio downstairs…it’s not like I was walking where I couldn’t see what I was walking on…and suddenly there was this squish and something was wet under my foot….and I looked down, and something was hopping away.  So the poor little frog survived the giant’s misstep evidently unscathed, but I must have squished the pee out of it, because left a puddle on the pavement…and on my foot. 

Well, I promptly walk/hopped to the bathroom sink and hiked my foot up there and scrubbed it clean with soap and water, but then I went to bed and imagined that I could feel warts starting to pop out already. 

I know.  Dumb, right? 

Our backyard is evidently out to get us…KC walks out and develops swollen, itchy, red eyes, and I go out and encounter bugs and animals of every variety!  Sheesh.

Wildlife is awesome…but when it interferes with my personal space, it kinda stinks.  =) 


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Wait, I thought Red Velvet was cake? I had no idea there were ants called that. Let's just hope they don't "storm the castle".

  2. My poor friend. Can't even enjoy her pool or her back yard....let alone the patio. What in the world are you going to do?


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