Monday, July 02, 2012

Close Encounters of the Creepy Kind

It seems that I have had run-ins with the most hideously ugly and/or evil things over the past few days. 

At some point while riding this thing on Wednesday, something evil bit the backside of my leg.  I don’t know if it was under my leg and I sat on it, or if it just happened to crawl up while I was mowing.  It seems like something always happens when I do a good deed for KC.  It never hurt, but when I got IMG148in the shower, and was washing the dust off, I felt this big swollen lump on the back of my leg.  And that was last Wednesday.  It’s still looks like this and it’s been what—4+ days?  It’s about the size of the end of my thumb, and not quite as creepy looking as it was originally, so I’m hoping it wasn’t a spider of the deadly kind (which we do have around the house here).  I’m hoping since it’s been 4 days and I’m still alive and not feverish and my skin isn’t falling off, that it was just a mean one and not a deadly one.  

Then I walk out the front door a couple of days later and this guy is right at eye level right in front of my face.  He was probably completely harmless, but he wasn’t one of those beautiful lizards and he gave me quite the startle. 


And Saturday, I was down at the pool getting ready to swim with the kids and this awful thing was waiting in the chair.  I saw it before it got me, thank God, because I am pretty sure it would have been extremely painful.  As it was, after I took the picture and then flipped it off the chair and tried to kill it, it wouldn’t DIE!  I stomped on it (on the concrete) at least five times and each time it just got up and kept right on scurrying away, like I was just playing with it.  Oh my word…and then I took a large rock and bludgeoned it around 10 times before I finally beat it to death.  Well…I hope it was dead…it was still moving after all that, but I got the back end completely separated from the front, so I’m hoping it was just taking awhile to die. 

KC looked it up, it’s actually called a Red Velvet Ant, otherwise known as “cow killer” and it’s actually not an ant at all, it’s a female wasp.  It also doesn’t actually kill cows, it just hurts bad enough that people say it COULD kill a cow. 

Now I’m EXTRA thankful I saw it before it got me. 

I don’t know that this is technically a close encounter, but last night, I had vivid nightmares about a man with giant knives that had captured me and other people and was chopping their heads off with his knives.  He even NAMED his knives…and I was next, but the guy, who worked for psycho-man, was supposed to chop my head off and couldn’t stomach it, so the psycho chopped his assistant’s head off right in front of me instead, and just moved me down the list.  And I couldn’t figure out how to avoid being next…it was a hideous dream. I don’t know where it came from either, because I haven’t read any books or watched any movies about psychos with an addiction to knife inflicted deaths….*shudder* 

Well anyway….other than that, everything is all good.  And I’m considering the fact that it was a dream and I woke up, to be a really good thing, too. 

Sheesh.  LOL. 

So…I’ve been a busy girl…and it’s been close at times, but I’ve mostly been staying out of trouble.  LOL.  And now I’m going swimming…looks like it’s heated up outside enough to make the pool feel nice.  You know…like 98 degrees or something like that.  =)  Thanks for dropping in…ya’ll have a great day.  =)  


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    My goodness. How's your leg?

  2. I have never seen a bee like that! I thought it was a spider, until I read your post. "Shiver me timbers!" Glad you didn't sit on it! I woke up Saturday morning with some kind of bite on the back of my leg. I still have a lump too. Wasn't sure if a spider had crawled into bed with me, or maybe some mosquitos? Clay & the baby didn't have any bites. (Thankfully!) Hope yours is getting better!


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