Saturday, July 07, 2012

Blessings Upon Blessings

Kid free weekend…KC’s parents wanted the kids to come over, so we’ve had some grown-up time…blessings.

Except, when you’re parents, even time without kids is spent doing things like…shopping for some of their back to school stuff early, working on pictures of other people’s kids, doing kid laundry…etc.  =)  It’s okay though…wouldn’t trade it….blessings.

I’m kinda tired right now though, and I’m giving serious consideration to early bedtime…although, I just looked at the clock and realized it’s not really that early.  LOL. 

I’ve decided that for future sessions, my prices for photo sessions are going up.  I spend more time on the photos than what I charge for…because I’m a perfectionist like that…I’d have to charge a fortune to actually make money on what I do, and I’m not going to do that, but at least I need to get a little closer to a good balance between making a few dollars and paying the customer to take their pictures.  LOL. 


Gotta stop going overboard.  Like that picture.  It was so cute already….but I wanted it to be perfect.  The background only had a couple of flowers…now it has lots.  =) 

The problem is, even if I controlled my perfectionist tendencies and spent less time making them just so…I’d still not be making a profit.  I’m way more of a laid-back artist than a business-person.  LOL.  Maybe someday I’ll get there….I’m working on it.  Baby steps.  =)  Anyway, there are more pictures from that session uploaded on the photography blog, but I’m not going to tell you anything else about what I did to the pictures.  =) 

But I’m finished with another session, and it turned out (in my own humble opinion) pretty good….blessings.

Blessings upon blessings…I can’t complain.

Anyway…it’s not early anymore, so I’m going to bed. =)  Laterzzzz

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