Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mini Gardening…

SO I think these lovely herbs will be super for an end of year teacher gift…I helped the kids make them today.  I did the hot-glue parts of course…and they picked out the pieces they wanted to use and put them together.  Both mini-gardens are in $1.00 dishpans from $1-Tree (so approximately 10x12 inches in size…)

This is Munchkin’s:

And K=man’s:

I’m not sure who had more fun putting them together…lololol.  Probably them…because they were less perfectionists about it than I was…lolol.  Oh well.  They both turned out adorable! 

OH yes, and all the plants are edible herbs except the one that looks like rosemary (it’s actually lavender and I’m not sure if it’s edible or not…it was just pretty and scented, and they didn’t have any rosemary left…lol).

I ended up having to work on mine a little more, too…the dogs ate the swing.  Twice.  The first time, I fixed it…but then I gave up…and crossed my fingers that the missing wires from the swing fell through the cracks on the porch and didn’t end up in their intestinal tracts…*sigh*  crazy animals. 

ANYWAY…speaking of the crazy animals, I have to go walk them again and it’s almost past my bedtime again…so

Goodnight. =)

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