Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Intentions

IMG_1994ewebWell, I was going to finish up and post photos from the weekend tonight. 

And I got them all sorted through and websized.  But now….my eyes are rolling back in my head and it’s 11:03 and I think I’m just gonna leave it for another day.  LOL. 

I don’t think I can stay awake to do it tonight.  I had the best of intentions though. 

Speaking of best intentions---ones that I followed through on…let it be known that I filled up KC’s truck with gas, had it washed and vacuumed and windexed, and got some air put back in the one tire that was low for him today.  And then I ironed all his dress pants for the week.  I thought I’d one-upped him in the good deeds department with all that, but then I found out he ordered a new vacuum and some other stuff that I asked for today…before I asked for it.  How does he DO that? 

Okay…my eyes won’t stay open any longer to ponder this strange phenomenon, so I’m going to shut my computer and ponder with them closed.  And with the lights off.  LOL. 


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  1. Love the picture! You are better wife than I am. I don't iron. We hang stuff up while it is still damp so neither of us have to iron. lol


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